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ABC Caves in to Obama Over Syrian Refugees

As you may know, the city of Paris, France is in turmoil right now. A horrifying terrorist attack occurred there, killing at least 120 people. A lot of people believe the attack was carried around by ISIS. The mastermind behind the attack is now dead, and now France is taking drastic measures to make sure ISIS is defeated.

While France is declaring war on the Islamic State, Obama wants to give a home to Syrian refugees, because apparently he believes that it would be better than having that oh-so-Islamophobic military going out to fight them. He also apparently believes that’s what ISIS wants, and others believe ISIS was created by the US invasion of Iraq. According to a new Bloomberg poll, 53% Americans disagree with what Obama is doing right now, which is why over 34 governors are asking the administration to reconsider their decision. But, the liberal media will never tell you that. Instead, ABC News pays Jonathan Karl to spin for Obama, saying that Republicans are defying Obama’s orders. In other words, Obama should treat them like a parent treats their children.

As many of you know, ABC is on the verge of collapse. If their annual airings of specials such as A Charlie Brown Christmas and Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town fail this holiday season, then the network will be doomed for yet another year. Disney-ABC Television Group president Ben Sherwood – a member of the George Soros-funded Center for Public Integrity – has destroyed that once great television network, and now they’re beginning to look desperate. Not only is ABC in last place as of 2012, their cable operations are a disaster. ESPN is down 9% in prime time, and 5% in the 24-hour period. ABC Family, which is set to change its name to Freeform starting in January, isdown 7%. Incredibly, they continue to ignore this very fact. Here are the consequences of ABC Family in particular not living up to its name… This fall, Hallmark Channel’s original movie Harvest Moon, actually beat the August season finale of ABC Family’s lesbian-parent drama The Fosters by one million more viewers. How embarrassing is that? As I mentioned in a previous post about the liberal drama Quantico, alienating 50% of the country is not going to help the network’s bottom line.

Now to go back to the Syrian refugee situation, ABC’s immediate defense of Obama’s actions prove one thing. The media is no-longer interested in the will of the people. They want to cater to more young people in urban areas that vote Democrat. That’s where this is coming from. Obama’s actions in the Syrian refugee crisis could cause major consequences. This is like the three little pigs letting the big bad wolf in their brick house. We need to defy the media’s defense of Obama’s actions, just like the 34 states who want their citizens safe. At the end of the day, it’s all about the safety of Americans. A few of those refugees could indeed be terrorists, and that’s exactly what both Obama and ABC News want.

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