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Trump Will “Go To War” With Cruz If He Challenges

Is the Donald preparing to go to war with his closest ally in the Presidential nomination process? 

For months, it’s seemed like Ted Cruz is just waiting for Donald Trump to drop out of the race so that he can pick up whatever demographic segments Trump has inspired to join in the political process. It’s a strategy that, for Cruz, at least, seemed almost immediately doomed to fail. First, there’s no proof that the people Trump has “energized” are energized for anyone except Trump, a name they know and recognize in a field of people they’ve never heard of because they only watch reality television. And second, Donald Trump isn’t exactly known for gracious exits. It’s more likely that if Cruz challenges him out of the race, he’ll burn that bridge and many more, as Trump himself noted in an interview yesterday.

Donald Trump said Monday he is capable of turning on Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in their competition for the GOP’s 2016 presidential nomination.

“If he catches on, I guess we’ll have to go to war,” he told host Joe Kernen on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

“We’ll see what happens but so far we haven’t,” Trump continued. “He’s been very supportive [and] we have a lot of the same ideas.

“Well, he’s been very nice and supportive of everything I’ve said, more than anybody else.”

For Cruz, that’s strategic, and it’s kept him well ahead of the rest of the pack. Could a civil war be brewing, though? The Donald seems to be getting tired of the race, and for good reason: this November-to-Super Tuesday stretch is well known as “the slog,” as people on the trail tune out for the holidays, but candidates can’t stop their campaigns or risk dropping out of mind altogether. Television coverage has shifted, as international events have taken priority, and the Donald has been looking a bit done with it all, giving long-winded, amorphous speeches peppered with angry statements. 

That said, if he can survive until the first week of February, he might actually pull this off. We shall wait and see.

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