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Sen. Claire McCaskill Wants Men to Shut The Hell Up About Everything

Sen. Claire McCaskill tried, unsuccessfully, to film a spoof public service announcement for Stephen Colbert a few days ago, ostensibly as a way to address “mansplaining,” while letting us in on McCaskill’s quirky side. Unfortunately, Claire McCaskill doesn’t actually appear to have a quirky side, and the resulting video is less “poignant and hilarious cultural criticism” and more “prickly and outdated feminist overture from the embattled Senator of a Midwestern state.” 

But that’s beside the point: the product was a foregone conclusion as soon as they selected its star. What you should know, men of the Spectator, is that you are no longer allowed to speak on a seemingly random variety of topics because Claire McCaskill says so. 

Obviously, men can’t also have an opinion on this video, as it play directly into Claire McCaskill’s argument. So I’ll break it down for you. According to Claire, gentlemen, you are no longer able to opine on the following topics:

  • What women do with their bodies
  • Star Wars
  • Pantsuits 
  • Selfies 
  • Shonda Rhimes
  • Curtains
  • Carbs
  • Millennials
  • Body-hair removal
  • Religion
  • Gluten
  • Harry Potter
  • Nut allergies
  • Star Wars again
  • All art in general
  • Whether to brine the Thanksgiving turkey
  • Ethics in gaming journalism

Confusingly random, right? It’s almost as though she just copy-pasted something directly out of Cosmopolitan, or scanned her RSS feed for articles from The Mary Sue and put together a list of words from their headlines. Why aren’t men allowed to opine on Star Wars? Because they might say that there doesn’t need to be a statistically equal number of female, minority and questionably gendered characters on screen at any given time, as though statistical equality within the scope of a fantasy movie about a fake space-faring civilization set thousands of years ago has a more dramatic an impact on society’s impression of gender equality than baseless accusations of sexism from unemployed Gender Studies majors? It’s mentioned twice, so I assure that’s exactly what she means.

As for the rest of it, well, the pantsuits crack is sucking up to Hillary, “selfies” are universally reviled so I don’t suppose we need men to weigh in, Millennials are dumb enough to still vote for Claire McCaskill as though she weren’t a career politician, no man I’ve ever met has ever wanted to talk at length about waxing, and I can’t quite put my finger on why men can’t talk about religion, other than that McCaskill feels religion itself is an oppressive construct designed to subjugate women with nonsensical doctines – a closed-minded impression of billions of people if there ever was one. Men aren’t allowed to talk about gluten because they might present Claire with scientific knowledge on the subject, Harry Potter is obviously off limits because it’s universally enjoyed so feminists must make it the subject of criticism lest people have far too much fun, no man has ever spoken to me about a nut allergy but I do know only men who have them, art criticism is a fairly open field, you should always brine your Thanksgiving turkey no matter what Claire McCaskill says, and “what women do to their bodies” is just code for “men can’t have an opinion on abortion because they don’t have a uterus,” as though they aren’t 50% of the problem.

As for the last one, well that’s Claire’s way of showing solidarity with the women affected by “GamerGate,” even though it seems fairly clear that there were significant ethical violations made by women. The reason they’re so angry about video game journalists? They uncovered them. In essence, in her last missive, Claire is actually calling for active censorship of male journalists and any critic of feminist activism in gaming culture, a fairly hefty proposal — and one that wouldn’t be tolerated had it been proffered by a man.

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