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Immigration Proponents ‘Answer’ Donald Trump With Video of Swearing Kids

Donald Trump is scheduled to appear on SNL this week, and as befitting the cultural left of late, opponents of the Donald’s position of immigration have launched a week-long campaign to boot him from the show and stop him from speaking or appearing in public, because heaven forbid their precious ears are tainted by an opinion that differs from theirs in any way.

Today, “more than a dozen” national Hispanic groups were planning to hold a “Dump Trump” rally in Rockefeller Plaza, where they will also present a petition with a bunch of signatures on it, requesting that Trump’s SNL invitation be rescinded, all led by our nation’s most stable member of Congress, Illinois Rep. Luis Guiterrez. It’s unlikely they’ll succeed because, while Trump may not currently be topping Presidential polls, he’s a major ratings draw, and one segment with Trump could be enough to rectify years of sagging SNL ratings. The advertisers are probably pouring in. 

No doubt preparing for that eventuality, one pro-immigration group released a charming ad this morning featuring a bunch of adorable “anchor babies” who oppose Trump on the issue of immigration by swearing like tiny sailors and beating a Trump-dressed piñata. Because nothing says “competent, reasonable political action campaign,” like forcing little children to say the F-word and stick up their middle finger at a public figure they couldn’t pick out of a Sesame Street guest star lineup (language warning).


To be fair, the PAC that produced this apparently has the same grasp of the issue — and the freedom of speech that surrounds political discourse — as the children they hired for the video, so I suppose the kids were a good choice. But seriously.  

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