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Bernie Sanders: “When a Mother Has a Baby, She Should Stay Home With That Baby”

Now that everyone has recovered from their post-debate hangovers, we’re able to drill further into the depths of crazy the Democratic candidates were determined to reach Tuesday night. Some statements from such characters as Bernie Sanders, like the abject endorsement of socialist worker theory to address the bogeyman of wealth inequality, were nothing if not universally expected. Other statements, like Bernie’s feelings on the subject of maternity leave, were not.

Ladies, under a Sanders Presidency, you’ll be forced to take that year off to hang around your wiggly munchkin whether you want to or not. It’s only compassionate, after all.

Every other major country on Earth, every one, including some small countries, say that when a mother has a baby, she should stay home with that baby. 

Bernie Sanders is, of course, talking about government-mandated maternity leave, something that most major countries do provide. But in most cases, the government claims to provide the maternity leave benefit as an option, but as Reason’s Hit and Run Blog points out, there’s a fine line between a government option and a government mandate. By endorsing a favored policy, the government is implicitly saying that it favors one outcome over another. In this case, Bernie Sanders is saying something he might not have intended to say, but remains the bottom line of the policy, in practice, in any event: a government that offers mandatory maternity leave will also mandate that you take it.

This has an interesting impact on womens’ rights, specifically as they relate to the so-called “wage gap,” that liberals claim is an oppressive and ubiquitous force on women in the job market. The “wage gap” doesn’t exist when you compare similarly situated and educated women to their male counterparts in the same jobs. It does exist, however, over the aggregate of a woman’s career. Things like motherhood have a significant impact on female decision-making, leaving them more likely to take fewer risks and ask for fewer promotions, but less likely to pursue higher-level jobs that might require longer hours. Most notably, the “motherhood problem” leaves women more likely to take large chunks of time away from the work force to raise children. It’s the very notion that women “should stay home with that baby” that permeates modern culture, arguably hampering women across the board, from the very start of their careers. Policies like Sanders’, made in the context of progressive faux-compassion, only substantiate, rather than dispel, those notions, since a mandatory maternity leave would almost ensure women would have to “sit out” huge swaths of their working years.

Of course, having the option of doing so is nice. Women should have every option available and feel free to make whatever choice they feel is best for their family and for themselves. But Bernie Sanders doesn’t think that way. Governments, not people, according to Bernie, know whats best for women and their families. Sexist much?

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