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ABC’s Quantico Uses Timothy McVeigh to Smear American Veterans

Coming this fall, tune in to watch a few shows critical of middle America and the US military.

At the National Press Club, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson pointed out that the entire media business – especially the press (and the entertainment industry to a great extent) – used to be on the side of the people, but now they are only catering to a few affluent urban liberals. Isn’t that swell? The very media that’s supposed to be catering to the majority of Americans is now critical of the very audience they’re supposed to cater to. Just take a look at the SNL skit that took a cheap shot at Fox News last week.

As I’ve said before, the second most far-left outfit in the history of broadcasting right now behind NBC is the American Broadcasting Company – ABC. Their new espionage drama Quantico has been shown to support far-left causes from the very first episode, from taking cheap-shots at Mormons, to making Planned Parenthood an innocent victim of conservative terrorists. The third episode features dialogue that goes like this:

-Ryan: Look, it’s okay. We both said things we didn’t mean.

-Asher: Yeah, and some things we kind of did. Wait — I’m sorry. Was that too slippery for you?

-Hey, you really think me being a vet makes me unstable?

-Why don’t you ask Timothy McVeigh?

Now, there’s no denying that Timothy McVeigh’s actions back in 1995 were very heinous, and they deserve scorn from everyone. But for the Hollywood left to use him as a boogeyman in order to tell people to stop supporting our men and women in uniform is simply outrageous. Not only is Quantico likely to be broadcast around the world, but when it does, it may incite people in countries like Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan to act in their hatred towards our armed forces. If one current US soldier or retired veteran is murdered by any anti-military thugs, that could, indeed, be on the people responsible for making this show.

Why make a TV series like this? Most people outside of its current audience will avoid it. Who even wants to see this kind of stuff? It definitely smears any left-wing boogeyman it can find, including Christians, pro-lifers, and pro-military people. It may even put these people in danger. Why do this? An instance like this basically proves Dr. Carson’s point about the media no longer being interested in the whole of the American public, and in fact even demonizing them. Mainstream releases in Hollywood especially used to respect Christian audiences and conservative audiences (although Rupert Murdoch’s 20th Century Fox still does today). Even during the War on Terror, Hollywood film and television still respected middle America. But now, things have drastically changed. Today, it’s chic among the entertainment industry to bash “homophobic” Christians, the “islamophobic” and “xenophobic” military, and especially “islamophobic” “xenophobic” conservatives and put them in a harsh light – even before a major election.

This election year needs to be the year we vote with our dollars and our remotes. The very people who are making stuff like this popular now are insulting the very Americans who gave them the freedom to do so. The military, especially Marine veterans, are heroes that need to be celebrated, like in the recent motion picture American Sniper. ABC ought to be ashamed of themselves. They are insulting conservative audiences who still tune into them – although, probably only occasionally – and who can heavily impact their bottom line, to boot.

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