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Political (In)Correctness

There is something in the air, folks. It has to do with the limits of political correctness. And also the limits of just plain correctness, the kind that would be acceptable to Miss Manners.

First, there was Donald Trump’s description of Megyn Kelly’s tone and demeanor when she set him up during the candidates’ debate: “There was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.” Despite Trump’s protestations to the contrary, “her wherever” was widely interpreted as “her vagina,” with the implication being that Kelly was in a nasty mood as a result of PMS. That was roundly condemned as beyond the pale, and it got Trump disinvited from Red Sate’s convention.

But you know what it’s like when someone tells you not to think of a pink elephant. You think of one. You can’t help it. And so it happened that someone slipped up on the Rush Limbaugh show yesterday and the word “vagina” was heard on the air. Here’s the hilarious snippet of conversation in which it appears: 

CALLER: Yeah, well, but again, another important point with Trump is the political correctness issue. The other candidates are just a little weak on that, particularly Carly. You know, she jumped in and supported Meg Kelly against Trump and played the feminist victim

RUSH: Well, you know, that’s the solidarity of the vaginas.

CALLER: Yeah. Yeah. Well, we need to fight this political correctness that turned into a —

RUSH: Well, wait a second now, vaginas have monologues. We know this. There was a play… All right, bleep it. Let’s not even play… Mike, just hit the bleep. (interruption) No, it’s not too late. We haven’t gone anywhere near… (interruption) You’re telling me it’s too late to bleep it now?

CALLER: Anyway, we need to fight political correctness.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Before I get back to my broadcast engineer — who may be yanking my chain here…

RUSH: Now, Mike, are you yanking my chain? You weren’t able to bleep that? Aw, come on. We’ve got… I can’t give a… You just didn’t ’cause you wanted that out there. All right. Look it, Vagina Monologues, female solidarity. It’s all it was. Everybody knows I’m a big Carly fan, so just lighten up. It’s a joke, folks. It was a joke. 

So what really happened here? Did the word just slip out of Rush’s mouth? Did it just happen to slip by his broadcast engineer? Or are we all secretly just wanting to be transgressive?

And here’s something really weird that’s just occurred to me. We’re allowed to say of a wimpy man that he has “no balls.” It’s even more acceptable when we use the Spanish “cojones.” But certain parts of a woman’s anatomy are off limits. Who says that chivalry is dead?

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