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Town Without Pity

Vladimir Putin continues to influence the Obama regime. Back in the ex-USSR, you don’t know how lucky you are, boys (and girls, and all points in between), until you and a few friends plan to gather outdoors and instead are greeted by barricades, police cordons, and goons on horseback — or just the sort of sight that confronts taxpaying tourists on their arrival in our nation’s capital. Whether it’s the new Martin Luther King Memorial or the venerable Lincoln Memorial, we’re talking about no-go-zones-or-else, a policy that now surely outdoes Barack Obama’s previous “signature” achievement. So how much do you think that autograph is worth? Another sixth of what’s left of the American economy?

Remember, it’s only a partial shutdown, if not impartial. America’s Putin is keeping himself busy, summoning congressional leaders to his office in his public housing only to boot them out when he remembers he has nothing to say to them. Next day he travels again, to an asphalt plant to collect more tar with which to resume his smearing. He will not negotiate with terrorists, he and his team aver. They seem determined to prove a larger point they’ve insisted on from the start: Terrorism and radical Islam are not synonymous. Perhaps they’d have a case were it not for the undisciplined Obamaist who’s now said House Republicans are engaged in jihad. Let’s wish Rep. George Miller a safe and happy trip to Mecca.

Over on MSNBC the other morning it was good to see Carl Bernstein in red diapers again. “And I think what we’re seeing is a redefinition and understanding of Barack Obama’s presidency,” he stalinized, laying the groundwork for purge trials — meaning there is a need “to protect the national security from this dangerous demagogic element that is on the precipice of really having a kind of power that’s ruinous in America and ruinous to democracy.” Vyshynsky couldn’t have put it better. And who’s the evil creature running the Tea Party’s saboteurs? According to Carl, it’s Eric Cantor. And he didn’t need to hear it from Deep Throat. But if a milquetoast like the gentleman from Richmond drives him bananas, how is he to consort with Senator Mikulski, who has her own obsessions with those she sniffingly called “Tea Baggers”? Much as it hurts our pride to say it, Obamacare has come along in the nick of time. If it can’t provide Carl with the difficult care to which he’s entitled, what will? The congressional health plan, perhaps, which allows doctors to make dacha calls and covers indefinite stays in padded psychiatric wards, no questions asked.

Carl Marx is not the only internationalist calling House Republicans ruinous to democracy. From Warsaw comes word that the American wife of the Polish foreign minister has denounced those same GOP players for sabotaging not just the idea of democracy but America’s credibility as well. Evidently, no one will ever want to do business with the U.S. again if Carl Bernstein doesn’t qualify for Obamacare’s Platinum program.

We have even fatter fish to fry. Let us not overlook the difficult situation faced by Obama aide Dan Pfeiffer in dealing with Republicans. Unlike the Polish foreign minister’s wife, he is not bound by diplomatic protocol and so he was free to let ’er rip when he said the White House is opposed to “negotiating with people with a bomb strapped to their chest.” Again, so long as those people are presumably not of the Islamist persuasion. But let’s keep the focus on Mr. Pfeiffer. What’s his problem? That he’s often mistaken for Michelle Pfeiffer? Sometimes it’s important to see things from the other side’s point of view.

On Wednesday, CNN’s Ms. Dana Bash asked Senate Capo Harry Reid a few questions and he replied cancerously, pretty much biting her head off as he cast doubt on her intelligence. No one came to her defense, certainly not the feminist lobby nor the Justice Department and other enforcers of the Violence Against Women Act. We were hoping that at least her former husband, Mr. John King, would rush to Ms. Bash’s side, but no luck there either. Which leaves only us, evidently the last unabashed outpost of chivalry in Washington this side of the WWII Memorial.

During the shutdown, Harry said, there’s no absolutely reason why he or Chuck Schumer should want to help a child who’s suffering  from cancer. It’s more important to defend Obamacare, he continued, slurringly, because “It’s working now and it will continue to work and people will love it more than they do now by far.” If you say so, Harry. Thanks, by the way, for serving on this ad hoc death panel. You have more than Enemy of the Week potential. And if Obamacare is such a labor of love, who are we to stand in the way? All you need is love, Harry, and this EOW prize. May you and Obamacare live happily ever after. A match made in heaven, if you ask us.

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