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Where Are the Reaganites?

Mark Levin is on a roll.

Last night he lit into those Republicans attacking Ted Cruz, praising Cruz and citing his critics by name. As noted here in Mediaite Levin said:

I say this with all due respect, because Fox is my favorite cable network, Karl Rove and Dana Perino, it’s like they’re endlessly on all the programs there, hawking the establishment Republican position. Where are all the Reaganites? Where are all the Reaganites? Who actually won some of these battles! Just a suggestion – there need to be more!

Conservatives are looking for leaders in government, in media, in talk radio. You name it. People who are going to advance the cause. Not debate like bureaucrats and naval gazers. […]

Time to stand up boys…or we’re going to lose the country. 

He also went to the heart of the Reaganite criticism of moderate Republicans: the Bushes, the Fords and the always losing, timid status quo mentality that is on constant display from the GOP Establishment. Mark mocked it this way:

Hey, don’t make any waves here! We can’t do anything if we don’t win elections. Really? Well the last time you boys and girls won elections you expanded Medicare, you nationalized our public school system, you drove the debt up. We don’t want just to win. We want to win with the right people and the right principles.

A thanks to Mark for the hat tip to this columnist, citing my columns that the GOP was drifting away from the winning Party of Reagan to be the Party of Ford.

There is doubtless no accident that what the GOP Establishment and the Ford/Bush Republicans see as “smart” politics is something that Reaganites like Mark and myself and others see as a certain road to defeat and the preservation of the status quo. Or to use the phrase from the Thatcherite conservatism, the “socialist ratchet”—which only goes in one direction: to the left. Compassionate conservatism, the Bush 43 mantra, left the White House with a 35 percent approval rating while bequeathing the Obama-era to the nation. Reagan departed with a 63 percent approval rating, elected his successor—and therein in retrospect was a problem. Because that successor, the personally admirable war hero George H.W. Bush, was a moderate Republican who promptly reset the course of the GOP to Ford-style moderation. And lost his own re-election getting a meager 37 percent of the vote.

And so the socialist ratchet turned—and keeps turning. With both Establishment Republicans and far-left Democrats doing the turning.

Make no mistake. This is a battle here. A “civil war” as described earlier this week. With Reaganite conservatives—the Tea Party in today’s vocabulary—going head to head with the status quo GOP Establishment. The battle is seen in the House and Senate GOP caucuses and yes, right there on Fox News in living color.

There is more to come here. 

Much more.

Stay tuned.

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