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Morning Round-Up 9-12

A sensitive man is not happy as President. It is fight, fight, fight all the time…A term in the presidency accustoms a man to great duties. He gets used to handling tremendous enterprises, to organizing forces that may affect at once and directly the welfare of the world. After the long exercise of power, the ordinary affairs of life seem petty and commonplace. –President Grover Cleveland

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

  1. Health Overhaul Confuses Medicare Beneficiaries
  2. Hydroelectric Power Makes Big Comeback at US Dams
  3. Obama Ally in Congress Grapples with Syria Plan


  1. The Big Apples goes small
  2. Lawmakers: White House Syria briefings a flop
  3. Exclusive: The Koch brothers’ secret bank


  1. U.S. union UAW close to organizing Volkswagen plant: paper
  2. New York plans to opt out of new insurance rules
  3. Missouri lawmakers fail to revive bill preventing federal gun law enforcement

Wall Street Journal

  1. Syrian Rebels Hurt by Delay
  2. Twelve Years Later, Nation Pauses to Reflect
  3. Geneva Talks Mark Big Test for U.S., Russia  

Washington Post

  1. D.C. executive linked to secret 2008 aid to Hillary Clinton
  2. House Republican battle over leader’s new budget bill
  3. Obama’s tough task: getting Americans to care about chemical weapons use in Syria

 Washington Times

  1. Putin sends message to America: You are not exceptional
  2. Woman who wrote op-ed cited in Syria hearing fired for lying about credentials (9-11)
  3. Russia aims to hide its role in stockpiling Syria’s arsenal: Rogers


Associated Press

  1. Kerry Set to Test Russia on Syria Weapons
  2. Somalia: Reports Indicate American Jihadi Killed
  3. How Low-Cost Dacia Conquered Europe, By Accident


  1. Russia, U.S. work on deal to disarm Syria of poison gas
  2. Satellite image suggests North Korea has started Yongbyon nuclear reactor: U.S. group
  3. UK: Syria weapons deal must identify, secure all arms

Wall Street Journal

  1. U.S. to Pass Russia in Liquid Fuels Production, Says IEA
  2. U.K. Readies Royal Mail Privatization
  3. EU Probes Ireland, Netherlands, Luxembourg Over Tax

Washington Post

  1. U.S. weapons reaching Syrian rebels
  2. Senate shelves resolution on military strike against Syria, deferring to diplomacy

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:

The American Conservative

  1. Why ‘This Town’ Loves Going to War
  2. Obama’s Almost First Act in Office: Spy on Americans for Israel!

The Blaze

  1. New Emails Raise Serious Questions About Disgrace IRS Official: The Tea Party Issue is ‘Very Dangerous’
  2. See the Obama-Al Qaeda Tweet That Has Some Furious With the Tennessee Lt. Gov.


  1. Official Arizona GOP Body Passes Formal Rebuke of John McCain
  2. Catholic Bishops Present Aggressive Pro-Amnesty Campaign from Pulpit (9-11)

 The Daily Caller 

  1. Chris Christie releases first TV ad of election: ‘when tragedy struck, he was there’
  2. First lady Michelle Obama to begin pushing water

  1. Census: Americans in ‘Poverty’ Typically Have Cell Phones, Computers, TVs, VCRs, AC, Washers, Dryers, and Microwaves (9-11)
  2. U.S. Focus Shifts Focus to Deterrence, As France Stands Firm on Punishing Syria

National Review

  1. The Myth of the California Renaissance
  2. Shale, the Friend Obama Spurns

Washington Free Beacon

  1. Cruz Stakes Out Ground Between Rand Paul, John McCain on Foreign Policy
  2. Bikers Descend on D.C. To Remember 9/11

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

The Daily Beast

  1. Americans Join Syrian Jihad, Sparking U.S. Intelligence Fears
  2. The Rise of the New New Left

Huffington Post

  1. House GOP Leaders’ Weird Plan to Defund Obamacare Now Throws Ted Cruz Under the Bus
  2. Iraq Hawks Abandon War in Syria Debate, Despite Better Evidence

Talking Points Memo

  1. Feds Fight to Prevent NSA Disclosures in Criminal Cases
  2. Pope’s No. 2 Suggests Priests Could Get Married


      1. The Inside Story Of How a Fake PhD Hijacked the Syria Debate (9-11) 

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