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Morning Round-Up 9-5

Feature of the Day: These Are the 5 Craziest Conspiracy Theories About Syria’s Chemical Weapon Attacks

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

  1. Divided Vote Foreshadows Obama Challenge on Syria
  2. Studies Take Early Look at Health Law’s Premiums
  3. Sandy Destroyed Precious Reminders of 9/11


  1. Epic fall(s)
  2. President Obama’s political capital spreads thin
  3. Exclusive: Robert Gates backs President Obama on Syria


  1. Exclusive: Technical snafus confuse charges for Obamacare plans
  2. Civil-liberties groups seek hearing on DEA’s use of intelligence
  3. California high court to decide if immigrant can practice law

Wall Street Journal

  1. Liberal House Democrats Turn Up Heat on Syria Vote
  2. Colleges Worry Their Big Bills Will Keep Students Away
  3. America’s ‘Baby Bust’ Starts to Ease

Washington Post

  1. The “no’s” keep piling up on Syria resolution in House
  2. Will mailers be asked to pay more to help the U.S. Postal Service?
  3. Why Obama might tap Summers for Fed despite harsh criticism from left

Washington Times

  1. NRA joins lawsuit against NSA snooping
  2. Obama to snub Putin: No one-on-one meeting in Russia amid G-20
  3. Maryland gun applications overwhelm police, dealers as tough limits draw near (9-4)


Associated Press

  1. Egypt: Interior Minister Survives Bomb Attack
  2. Obama Arrives in Russia for G-20 Meetings
  3. Syrian Rebels Fight Army Near Christian Village


  1. U.S. resolution on Syria strike passes first hurdle in Senate
  2. Obama, Japan’s Abe discuss Syria crisis at G20
  3. China backs Russia over Syria at G20 summit

 Wall Street Journal

  1. French Opposition Urges U.N. Mandate Before Attack
  2. Putin Warns West Against Attacking Syria Without Proof It Used Nerve Gas
  3. U.S., EU Chambers of Commerce Urge Chinese Government to Open Economy Further

Washington Post

  1. Obama, in Stockholm, says that on Syria, ‘the international community cannot be silent’
  2. In Russia, a parallel G-20 for young women
  3. Venustech a sign of China’s cyber-boom

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:

The American Conservative

  1. Neocons Are Back—But Not in the GOP
  2. The Amateurish Syria Debate in Congress

The Blaze

  1. Dr. Benjamin Carson Reveals Unexpected Childhood Hobby That Helped Life Him Out Of Poverty


  1. McAuliffe, Bloomberg Meet in New York To Discuss Virginia Governor’s Race
  2. NRA Signs On To ACLU Lawsuit, Claims NSA Starting ‘National Gun Registry’  

The Daily Caller  

  1. Author: Hemingway watched Che’s firing squad massacres ‘while sipping Daiquiris’
  2. UNC student leaders accuse conservative women of being ‘non-intellectuals’

  1. CRS: DOD Estimates ‘Over 75,000 Troops’ Needed to Secure Syria’s Chem Weapons
  2. Chill: Putin Says Kerry’s Lying; Hagel Says Russia Supplied Syria’s Chemical Weapons

 National Review

  1. Rand Paul’s War
  2. Democrats Dragooned Into Line on Syria

 Washington Free Beacon

  1. McKeon For the Defense
  2. Report: USAID Wasting Millions in Taxpayer Dollars in Afghanistan

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

The Daily Beast

  1. A Syrian Soldier on Being Arrested for Refusing to Shoot Civilians
  2. Iraq Hawks’ Flip Flop
  3. Liz Cheney Uses Syria to (Try to) Salvage Her Campaign Train Wreck

Huffington Post

  1. John Boehner Turns Down Russian Diplomats’ Request For A Meeting To Discuss Syria
  2. The Iraq Hangover: Lawmakers Who Backed War Now Skittish On Syria 

Talking Points Memo

  1. McConnell Stays Quiet As Congress Moves to Strike Syria
  2. No Dreads Allowed


      1. GOP Congressman Accuses Obama of Using Syria To Distract from Benghazi, IRS

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