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Morning Round-Up 8-26

Feature of the Day: Once more with filling: the secret to a perfect sandwich

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

  1. Convicted Fort Hood Gunman Begins Sentencing Phase
  2. Workers Keep Watch Over New Chicago School Year
  3. Civil Rights and Immigration History Connected


  1. Left, right invoke Martin Luther King Jr. to their own ends
  2. Obama’s big voting rights gamble
  3. President Obama lacks Syria silver bullet


  1. Famed King speech almost didn’t include ‘I have a dream’: author
  2. In bustling Houston, it’s a case of ‘Build, baby, build!’
  3. Judge to rule on San Bernardino bankruptcy, pensions loom (8-25)

Wall Street Journal

  1. U.S. Talks Tough on Syria, Ramps Up Attack Planning (8-25)
  2. Seattle a Leader in Job Growth (8-25)
  3. Bankers Brace for Fed Wind-Down (8-25)

Washington Post

  1. Outgoing director Robert S. Mueller III tells how 911 reshaped FBI mission
  2. Justice Department sues Texas over voter ID law
  3. Ted Cruz is going to New Hampshire. Will they like him?

Washington Times

  1. Woes of the foot solider: Sore feet spur Army to fight for new boots
  2. Tip O’Neill was right: All politics is local—especially when it comes to gay marriage (8-25)
  3. Obama adds to list of illegal immigrants not to deport: Parents (8-23)


Associated Press

  1. Navalny Shakes Up Moscow Mayor Campaign
  2. UN Says Vehicles Shot At By Snipers Near Damascus
  3. Germany Backs Response If Syria Gas Use Confirmed


  1. Karzai stresses need for Pakistani help in Taliban peace process
  2. Syrian Kurds trek to Iraq over parched hills
  3. Italy center left rejects Berlusconi ‘blackmail’

Wall Street Journal

  1. A Veteran Saudi Power Player Works to Build Support to Topple Assad (8-25)
  2. Violence Sets Mexico City on Edge (8-25)
  3. U.S. Focus on Asia Will Boost Development, Hagel Says (8-25)

Washington Post

  1. Report: Snowden stayed at Russian consulate while in Hong Kong
  2. Blast hits air force bus in Yemen’s capital causing casualties
  3. Years later, a flattened Afghan village reflects on U.S. bombardment

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:

The American Conservative

  1. Obama’s Half-Measures to War With Syria
  2. The Future of Middle Class Jobs Under the Tech Regime

The Blaze

  1. ‘Lawless White House’ Has Made a ‘Clear Attempt’ TO ‘Aid & Abet Voter Fraud,’ Says GOP Rep (8-25)
  2. How Bad Could Syria Get? What Israelis Are Flocking To Snatch Up Could Be a Clue


  1. GaGa v. Miley: Who’s the Next Queen of Obscene?
  2. Barack Obama OFA Account Tweets Katy Perry Thanks for Obamacare Plug  

The Daily Caller  

  1. ‘Earpiece envy’: White House colleagues skeptical about why Valerie Jarrett has detail (8-25)
  2. Israeli intelligence ties Syrian gas attack to Assad (8-25)

  1. Russia, Iran Warn of ‘Devastating’ Consequences if the West Attacks Syria (8-25)
  2. ICE Going Easy on Illegal Alien Parents With Minor Children

National Review

  1. A Devastating Affirmative-Action Failure
  2. MLK’s Dream Deferred

Washington Free Beacon

  1. Chinese Human Rights Organization Has Funds Frozen
  2. China Launches Three ASAT Satellites

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

The Daily Beast

  1. Obama’s New Syria Options
  2. Marco Rubio, the Real Threat in 2016, Has Been Eclipsed by Ted Cruz
  3. The Economic Crisis Makes Infidelity too Expensive  

Huffington Post

  1. Anti-Abortion Laws Take Dramatic Toll On Clinics Nationwide
  2. Colin Powell: Voter ID Laws Will ‘Backfire’ For Republicans (8-25)

Talking Points Memo

  1. Ginsburg Calls Out Roberts: ‘One of the Most Activist Courts In History’
  2. The Day in 100 Seconds


      1. Bobby Jindal Blames Racial Inequality on Minorities Being Too Proud of Their Heritages (8-25)

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