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MTV’s VMA’s Sink to Hilarious New Lows

Sometimes critiquing what passes for pop culture these days starts to feel absurd. Last night, MTV hosted its annual Video Music Awards (VMAs, if you will). It seems as though our pop stars have become caricatures of themselves. But sadly, Miley Cyrus wasn’t joking. She, like so many before her, stripped down to next to nothing and “twerked” (did I spell that right?) all over Robin Thicke to his latest song, Blurred Lines. Lady Gaga literally showed her derrière the entire night. I do not envy the number of squats she must have done in preparation.

I must admit, I did not actually watch these VMAs, as I instead watched Mountain Men and then went to bed at a nice 10 pm. Thirty hurts, you know?

If you’re curious, Buzzfeed has copious coverage of the VMAs, and they nailed the one picture Miley should have kept in mind.  (Hint: Billy Ray Cyrus is in it.)

Do I even need to say it? We go through this every time. I, the conservative commentator, am going to blast these celebrities for being overly sexual on television in front of an audience of 12-18 year olds (particularly young girls). The celebrities in question will certainly not read this piece, but when faced with similar criticism will suggest that it is all about the art and we should respect them as performers, etc, etc.

But to be honest, this was so over the top, I can only laugh. How odd that I long for the days when the most provocative thing on MTV was Britney Spears holding a really giant snake. MTV, I imagine, is only responding to the market. If these sorts of sordid events didn’t make money, they wouldn’t happen. So parents: Stop letting your kids watch this trash, and kids, I don’t know, go outside, play sports, try Pokemon, or even comic books—at least then you might learn a new word instead of how to press yourself against a much older man’s crotch, as if that will somehow fulfill you as a person.

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