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Morning Round-Up 8-22

When human affairs are so ordered that there is no recognition of God, there is a belittling of man.  –Pope Benedict XVI

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

  1. Afghan Massacre Suspect’s Brother Testifies
  2. Bradley Manning Says He Wants to Live As A Woman
  3. Colorado Town Mulls Drone Hunts to Decry Spying


  1. Barack Obama can’t get ahead of the NSA story
  2. The great Democratic hope: Government shutdown
  3. Joaquin and Julian Castro’s national road show


  1. San Diego mayor accused of harassment reaches proposed settlement
  2. New York town warned over pension payment deferrals
  3. NSA collected 56,000 emails by Americans a year: documents

Wall Street Journal

  1. Secret Court Faulted NSA for Collecting Domestic Data
  2. On the Killing Floor, Clues to the Impact of Immigration on Jobs
  3. Fed Stays the Course on Bond Buying

Washington Post

  1. Ted Cruz: Savior or bane of the Republican Party?
  2. Scott Brown doesn’t sound like a candidate for any office. Here’s why.
  3. FEC cries foul at Major League Baseball donations

Washington Times

  1. Syria again challenges Obama’s ‘red line’ on chemical weapons (8-21)
  2. Obama proposes deeper federal role in college funding
  3. Despite loss of influence in Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood branches stay strong (8-21)


Associated Press

  1. Syrian Forces Bomb Area of Alleged Chemical Attack
  2. Egypt’s Mubarak To Be Put Under House Arrest
  3. Group: Egypt’s Churches Targeted in Attacks


  1. Syria opposition demands urgent U.N. probe into alleged chemical attacks
  2. Japan scrambles jets, accusing Russian bombers of intrusion
  3. Mugabe, 89, sworn in for five more years as Zimbabwe’s president

Wall Street Journal

  1. U.S. Suspects Syria Used Gas
  2. Desertions Hit WikiLeaks Party in Australia
  3. Euro-Zone Business Activity Points to Further Expansion

Washington Post

  1. Ravaged churches reveal sectarian split feeding Egypt’s violence
  2. Seized weapons caches boost rebel hopes after weeks of setbacks
  3. China’s Bo Xilai trial spurs plea from son, resignation of forensics expert

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:

The American Conservative

  1. Lessons from the Anti-Petraeus
  2. In the Hour of Chaos: The Grim Parables of Charles Johnson


  1. Catholic Church Plans Massive Push For Amnesty (8-21)
  2. Al Gore: Climate Change Deniers Like Racists, Homophobes, Alcoholics, Smokers

 The Daily Caller 

  1. Organizing for America denies that it sent people to heckle Ted Cruz
  2. Meet the privileged Obama-supporting white kids who perpetrated cruel Oberlin race hoax

  1. 71.4% of Full-Time College Students Get Federal Aid, Averaging $10,500 A School Year
  2. Obama’s College Affordability Plan? Base Financial Aid on Government Formula

National Review

  1. Bolton 2016?
  2. Colorado Gun Restrictionists

Washington Free Beacon

  1. Obama Administration Considers Plan to Bolster Mexico’s Southern Border
  2. Obama Appointee Says Obama’s Policies Have Stalled Economy

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

The Daily Beast

  1. Reported Chemical Weapons Attack Could Kill Obama’s Syria Strategy
  2. Manning Is Guilty and So Is The Army That Sent Him Overseas
  3. Why the GOP May Lose Virginia’s Statehouse

Huffington Post

  1. Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers Whistleblower, Sees Bradley Manning’s Conviction As the Beginning of Police State
  2. Unions to White House on Obamacare, Taft-Hartley Plans: ‘You Made the Problem, You Fix It’ (8-21)

Talking Points Memo

  1. Republican Governors: Shhh, Don’t Call Our Obamacare Money Obamacare!
  2. Breaking: Filner Cops a Deal


      1. Fox News Says Three Teens Committed Murder Because There Is Too Much Facebook and Abortion (8-21)

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