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Morning Round-Up 8-13

For there is one essential justice which cements society, and one law which establishes this justice. This law is right reason, which is the true rule of all commandments and prohibitions. Whoever neglects this law, whether written or unwritten, is necessarily unjust and wicked. -Cicero

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

  1. For Families, Bulger Verdict Brings Closure, Angst
  2. Voters Mad About NSA Spying Face Uphill Battle
  3. Hillary Clinton Calls for Election Reform


  1. Hillary Clinton’s next act: The family foundation
  2. Holder’s ‘mandatory minimums’ gamble
  3. Steve King hits the road on immigration


  1. First woman to take command of U.S. Air Force Academy
  2. New Jersey’s Booker expected to dominate Senate primary election
  3. Exclusive: Video of ‘lame’ cattle stirs new concern over growth drugs

Wall Street Journal

  1. Fed’s Yellen Says Stance on Banks Hardened (8-12)
  2. Hackers Called Into Civic Duty (8-12)
  3. Flood Insurance Prices Surge (8-12)

Washington Post

  1. Deported veterans banished for committing crimes after serving in U.S. military
  2. Hillary Clinton’s voting rights speech was essential to her future. Here’s why.
  3. Pentagon allows few exceptions to limits on employee awards

Washington Times

  1. Freniemes on the brink: Britain, Spain renew rocky dispute over Gibraltar (8-12)
  2. Obama’s D.C. ambulance has broken fuel gauge, runs out of gas (8-12)
  3. California enacts nation’s first law protecting transgender students (8-12)


Associated Press

  1. Agents: 44 Gunned Down in Nigeria Mosque
  2. Israel Advances Plan to Build 900 Settlement Homes
  3. Kerry Works to Shore Up Relations With Brazil


  1. Egyptian government yet to decide on pro-Mursi vigils
  2. Peace talks resume under cloud of Israeli construction
  3. Tunisian Islamists, secularists gird for rival shows of strength

Wall Street Journal

  1. Mexico Moves to Overhaul Oil Industry (8-12)
  2. Venezuela’s Maduro Seeks Enhanced Powers in Corruption Fight
  3. New Delhi Looks to Buy More Iran Oil, Risks U.S. Ire (8-12)

Washington Post

  1. Al Qaeda expands in Syria via Islamic state (8-12)
  2. Iran’s Rouhani facing early opposition
  3. In Mideast peace talks, a few reasons for optimism (8-12)

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:

The American Conservative

  1. Umpire Strikes Out
  2. Weighing the Costs of “Leaning In”

The Blaze

  1. Another Key Obamacare Provision Delayed By ‘Little-Noticed Ruling’
  2. Biblical Archeology Filmmaker Blasts Jesus Book By Author Reza Aslan for Suggesting Jesus Called His Country ‘Palestine’  


  1. ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Filmmaker Fears Further Detainment After Completing Sentence (8-12)
  2. Hillary Announces Speaking Tour to Restore Faith in Government (8-12)

 The Daily Caller 

  1. Flashback: Sebelius called for a ‘single payer system eventually’ (8-12)
  2. When Mike Barnicle stuck up for Whitey Bulger

  1. Benghazi Was All About 400 Surface-Air-Missiles Stolen by ‘Some Very Ugly People,’ DiGenova Says
  2. Lee: Democrats Lack Will to Close Gov’t & Not Pay Soldiers Over Obamacare Defunding Fight (8-12)

National Review

  1. Our Postmodern Angst
  2. Shutting Down a Shutdown

Washington Free Beacon

  1. Rapiscan Up for Airport Screening Contract Despite Past Controversies
  2. UNRWA Investigating Jordanian Official Who Quoted Hitler (8-12)

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

The Daily Beast

  1. Stop-and-Frisk Ruled Unconstitutional: A ‘Fair Trial’ for the NYPD?
  2. How Did Cory Booker Get Himself Into Such a Dumb Money Mess?
  3. Hannah Anderson Captor a ‘Trusted Friend,’ Cat Lover

 Huffington Post

  1. Anthony Weiner: ‘I Do’ Know Huma Abedin’s Role In Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign (8-12)
  2. Billy Tauzin Rides Again, This Time Battling Against Big Pharma

Talking Points Memo

  1. Hillary Clinton Appeals for Voting Rights In First Policy Speech
  2. New Front in War on Obamacare


     1. Dying Teen Is Being Denied A Heart Transplant Because He’s Had Trouble With the Law (8-12) 

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