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Morning Round-Up 8-6

What does reason know? Reason knows only what it has managed to learn…while human nature acts as an entire whole, with everything that is in it, consciously and unconsciously, and though it lies, still it lives.  –Fyodor Dostoevsky

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

  1. Key Questions About Fort Hood Shooting Trial
  2. Personal ‘Obamacare’ Accounts Debut
  3. Challenges Face Bezos As He Buys Washington Post


  1. What is Jeff Bezos thinking?
  2. End of an era at the Washington Post
  3. New York Times reporter defends Katharine Weymouth story


  1. Trump unveils $200 million plan to convert D.C. landmark into hotel
  2. Second major transit agency strike threatened in San Francisco area
  3. Fire fears trigger U.S. Rocky Mountain ban on exploding shooting targets

Wall Street Journal

  1. Boston Bombing Suspect Was Steeped in Conspiracies
  2. Obama to Seek Limited U.S. Mortgage Role
  3. U.S. Terror Alert Prompted by High-Level al Qaeda Communications

Washington Post

  1. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos known for patience, focus on detail in his business ventures (7-5)
  2. RNC accuses NBC and CNN of boosting Hillary, threatens to nix debates (7-5)
  3. U.S. personnel evacuated from Yemen after al-Qaeda order to attack is revealed

Washington Times

  1. Terrorist scare tests Obama’s campaign claim; not far on the ‘path to defeat’ (7-5)
  2. ‘Defund Obamacare’ push to challenge GOP candidates; battle cry of primary foes (7-5)
  3. Lower standards: Pentagon hints at changes to allow more women in ground combat (7-5)


Associated Press

  1. State Dept. Urges US Citizens to Leave Yemen
  2. Suspected US Drone Kills 4 in Yemen
  3. In Tense Egypt, Bodies Are Surfacing Near Protests


  1. Eying China, Philippines gains U.S. ship in military upgrade
  2. India-Pakistan talks in jeopardy as Indian soldiers killed on border
  3. Russia’s Khodorkovsky has jail term trimmed, attacks courts

Wall Street Journal

  1. U.S. Senators Add Weight to Egypt Negotiations (7-5)
  2. U.K. Industrial Sector Gathers Momentum
  3. Against the Odds, a Run for Moscow Mayor (7-5)

Washington Post

  1. In rural Honduras, the northward pull is strong (7-5)
  2. In Tehran, a new way to beat the heat
  3. Syrian rebels seize key airbase

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:

The American Conservative

  1. Obama’s Secrecy Agenda
  2. In Love and Struggle: LaToya Ruby Frazier at the Brooklyn Museum

The Blaze

  1. Priest Arrested After Police Allegedly Find Him Behind a Cemetery With a Prostitute
  2. Oprah’s Stunning Trayvon Martin Comparison: ‘In My Mind, Same Thing’ (7-5)


  1. Obama Visited Amazon 6 Days Before Founder Bought WaPo (7-5)
  2. CNN: ‘Disservice to Voters’ For RNC Not To Have Us Host Debates (7-5)

The Daily Caller  

  1. Imprisoned “Innocence of Muslims” producer Nakoula Nakoula: ‘I want the world to see the truth’ (7-5)
  2. Staffer who arranged White House meetings for IRS officials now works for liberal billionaire

  1. Newspaper Ad Revenue Down 55% Since Historic Peak in 2005 (7-5)
  2. Paul Ryan: ‘There Are More Effective Ways’ to End Obamacare Than Defunding—But Doesn’t Say What (7-5)

National Review

  1. Obama’s Watergates
  2. Congress’s Obamacare Waiver

Washington Free Beacon

  1. George Soros-funded Foundations Contribute to Anti-Israel Groups
  2. Democrats Push Tea Party Primary Challenger to Mitch McConnell (7-5)

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

The Daily Beast

  1. The Grahams Sell ‘The Washington Post,’ and Woodward Is Sad
  2. Nidal Hasan’s Murders Termed ‘Workplace Violence’ by U.S.
  3. If Sexting Is So Wrong, Why Does It Feel So Good?

Huffington Post

  1. Kathleen Sebelius Criticizes ‘Dismal’ Conservative Effort Urging Young People Not to Enroll in Obamacare (7-5)
  2. Bob McDonnell Declines Ken Cuccinelli Request For Special Session On Virginia Ethics Reform (7-5)

Talking Points Memo

  1. Why McConnell’s Re-Election Battle Makes A Government Shutdown and Default More Likely
  2. My Reaction: Three Cheers for Jeff Bezos


      1. Read This Before You Believe the Obamacare Premium Spike Hysteria

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