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The Spectator’s Spectacular: Most Read Stories, Jul. 13 – Jul. 20

1. Special Report: A Vile Show Trial Ends by George Neumayr 

    Prosecutors profiled Zimmerman as a homicidal racist and lost.

2. The Current Crisis: President Barack Obama’s Six Months of Blunders by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. 

    And liberalism isn’t supposed to be dead?

3. Political Hay: Saving the Hawks by Matt Purple 

    Why is Liz Cheney running for the Senate? The answer lies in foreign policy.

4. Campus Scenes: A Hipster for King’s College by Owen Strachan

    Gregory Thornbury will reinforce one of the pillars of ascendant intellectual evangelicalism.

5. The Right Prescription: Latest Obamacare Foul-Up Favors Smokers by David Catron

    HHS computer glitch forces non-smokers to subsidize the President’s fellow nicotine fiends.

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