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Where Have All The Good Men Gone?

After reading this asinine post about being “bro-choice” during the Texas abortion ban debate, I almost lost hope for the American millennial male. Painfully destroying the life of a 20-week-old human because “your sex life is at stake”? Have we become so shallow?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Daily Caller then interviewed college students at the University of Colorado at Boulder, one of whom stated, “Bro-choice is the right choice because you know if you want to get laid — which is what college is about — you better go with the bro-choice.”

Finer words were never spoken. 

Where have all the good men gone? To Counter Cultured, a culturally conservative blog written by millennials. Founded by Anna Maria Hoffman, a graduate of University of California-San Diego and a collegian for Eagle Forum-San Diego, Counter Cultured does a terrific job of promoting social conservatism to younger generations. That’s something we badly need.

Recently, the blog invited men to submit videos on why they’re pro-life. The responses are inspiring, articulate, and hopeful:

My favorite part of the film comes around 2:30: 

Men are supposed to honor and be considerate of the women in their lives. And if this takes place, they cannot let a woman go through with the emotional and physical harm that comes with abortion.

Yes. Men and women complete each other. This is why sex will never be isolated to the bedroom, for it is an act that necessarily and truthfully leads to procreation. You need a man and a woman to make a child. The separation of the two sexes has led to a division of love, which contributes to the death of hundreds of thousands of babies a year.

Men, choose honor. Abandon immediate gratification. Women need men of fortitude, justice, temperance, and prudence. Trauma is always faced best with a community, rather than alone.

Choice is not a sufficient justification. A secular tolerance that abandons people to their choices is cold and apathetic; it is the opposite of love.

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