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The Hideous Reality of Late-Term Abortions

It is safe to say that the topic of abortion atrocities has been revived and isn’t going away. Thanks to bombshell stories like Kermit Gosnell, the current investigation of Douglas Karpen (he twisted babies necks and gored their soft spots), the House’s “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” (H.R. 1797), and Wendy Davis’s “heroic” stand for death in Texas, abortion is up front and uncomfortably personal, especially for the left.

And now, thanks to the work of pro-life activist group LiveAction, another morbid expose is in the works. According to a video released by LiveAction, a counselor at a New Mexico abortion clinic, Southwestern Women’s Options, offered a little advice to a woman in the event that her dead baby was delivered too early during a late-term abortion (such procedures are a three-day process):

“If we can’t catch it [the dead baby’s delivery] early enough, which has happened … if you’re feeling pressure – it’s moving down or something coming out – then you’ll want to unlock the door to the hotel room, get your cell phone, and just sit on the toilet. You don’t have to look at anything … you can stay on the phone with us until the doctor and nurse get there.”

And it wasn’t just an unnamed counselor: Dr. Carmen Landau, who is a doctor licensed by the New Mexico Medical Board and an abortionist at the clinic, restated what the counselor had previously said:

“If you’re one of those lucky people that has no pain with contractions and, all of the sudden, you’re like, ‘ah, something’s coming out!,’ you sit on the toilet, and you call us,” Landau said in the video. “And you unlock the hotel room and we come in and we take care of you.”

Words don’t begin to describe the absurdity and incompetence of suggesting to a patient that they might have to birth a stillborn baby in a toilet and alone because the doctors can’t ensure a smooth procedure. Even more disturbing is the fact that the counselor admitted that such toilet abortions have happened in the past.

While the pro-abortion side brands the GOP and conservatives as unscientific, ignorant women-haters, the late-term abortion industry’s own henchwomen/men have been caught red-handed (no pun intended) again. This time, thankfully, it’s not a brutal report of twisting heads or snipping spines. Just a little safe, modern, and scientific advice on toilet abortions.

In the meantime, those medieval conservatives are trying to pass a “restrictive” and “draconian” proposal that would ban abortions in Texas after 20 weeks of gestation, and force all Texas surgical abortion clinics to be at the same standards as surgical hospitals. “It’s a crusade with consequences,” said Jessica Mason Pieklo about SB5 (the Texas bill), via Rolling Stone magazine, apparently forgetting that Texas is still very red and 62 percent of Texans support a late-term abortions ban.

The final aspect of the “sweeping” Texas bill would address what Gosnell, Karpen, Riley, Carhart, and now Dr. Landau’s Southwestern Women’s Options clinic have all brought to light – the third-world services of many late-term abortion clinics. The debate over SB5 brought to the nation’s attention that the majority of Texas clinics are not at surgical hospital standards, even though many of them practice surgical abortions.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that Southwestern Women’s Options clinic would give such horrific advice. This is a clinic that performs third-trimester abortions up to 28 weeks into gestation, and employs Dr. Susan Robinson and Dr. Shelley Sella, two doctors who have worked with George Tiller. And Dr. Landau was previously investigated by LiveAction when she compared the lethal injection which kills the baby in a late-term abortion to a flu shot (her recording is at 6:17).

All the aforementioned reports, from Gosnell to the toilet abortions, have something in common – they all result from late-term abortions and have occurred because of America’s lax abortion laws. So the next time someone declares it’s a Wendy Davis nation, remind them of what exactly she is standing for.

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