The Spectator’s Spectacular: Most Read Stories, Jun. 22 – Jun. 29

1. The IRS Watch: The Obama White House Tapes by Jeffrey Lord

    Stunning videotapes of IRS union chief, Obamas, aides, and ABC journalists.

2. The Obama Watch: Obama’s War on Prosperity by William Tucker

    He thinks he’s playing the aristocrat.

3.  The Right Prescription: Get Shafted America! by David Catron

    New propaganda campaign exposes a central lie behind the push for Obamacare.

4. The Obama Watch: Where Was the President? by Robert Stacy McCain

    Obama’s failure to rescue Americans at Benghazi remains his biggest scandal.

5. The Obama Watch: Obama’s Climate Obsession by Ross Kaminsky

    The radical ideologue in chief can no longer stand the heat, nor apparently his country.

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