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Morning Round-Up 6-28

Feature of the Day: Nearly One in Five Members of Congress Gets Paid Twice 

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

  1. Zimmerman Trial Over Teen’s Death Enters 5th Day
  2. Meth Floods U.S. Border Crossing
  3. Feds: Internet Influenced Boston Bombing Suspect


  1. Is the Senate really working?
  2. House GOP’s immigration playbook
  3. Midwest shows GOP how to win


  1. Snowden’s father: former contractor may return if conditions met—report
  2. Senate passes sweeping immigration legislation
  3. Boston bombing suspect accused in four deaths, could face execution

Wall Street Journal

  1. Court’s Session Told Tale of Two Justices (6/27)
  2. Senate Approves Overhaul of Immigration Laws (6/27)
  3. White House Makes Shortlist for Bernanke (6/27)

Washington Post

  1. Justice Dept. targets general in leak probe
  2. Fed watchdogs in their own catfight
  3. Senate approves bill to overhaul immigration (6/27)

Washington Times

  1. Retired Gen. James Cartwright at heart of fed inquiry into Stuxnet virus leak
  2. Fear of G.I. Jane: Special operations forces are worried about adding women
  3. Is one-party rule dividing America? Concentration of power can lead to overreach, backlash (6/27)


Associated Press

  1. Obama Recasts Chase for Snowden as Unexceptional
  2. NKorea Likely to Get Cold Shoulder at Asia Forum
  3. Egyptian President’s Supporters Rally in Cairo 


  1. Obama protesters rally near hospital treating Mandela
  2. Iranian official signals no scaling back in nuclear activity
  3. Egypt clerics warn of ‘civil war,’ urge calm

Wall Street Journal

  1. Ecuadorean Disarray Clouds Snowden Bid (6/27)
  2. Anti-U.S. Anger Rises in Egypt (6/27)
  3. New Zealand Finds No Sign of Missing U.S. Schooner

Washington Post

  1. Greeks try farming as a backup plan
  2. Ecuador unilaterally scraps U.S. trade deal
  3. Obamas visit Door of No Return, where slaves one left Africa (6/27)

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:

The American Conservative

  1. A League of My Home
  2. A Reconstructed South Under Fire


  1. Palin: Immigration Bill Targets American Workers (6/27)
  2. Judicial Watch: Obama Admin Collecting Financial Data From Private Citizens Without Warrants (6/27)

The Daily Caller  

  1. Boston imam shared ties with senior al-Qaeda operative (6/27)
  2. Student loan rates will spike on Monday after Senate fails to reach agreement (6/27)

  1. Sen. Lee: ‘From Day One, The Country Was Misled About What Was in The Bill’ (6/27)
  2. Senate Votes 68-32 to Legalize Illegal Aliens (6/27)

Hot Air

  1. Former Marine general target of Stuxnet leak investigation

National Review

  1. Kennedy’s DOMA Deception
  2. What ‘Women’s Health’ Really Means

Washington Free Beacon

  1. Iran ICBM Advances
  2. Working for a SAFE Future

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

The Daily Beast

  1. The Truth About Cleansing
  2. Lindsey Graham Wasn’t Afraid to Fight for Immigration Reform
  3. Morality in Media: Clean up the Smut Already

Huffington Post

  1. Senate Immigration Reform Bill Passes With Strong Majority (6/27)
  2. Tim Huelskamp’s Gay Marriage Amendment Lacks Support with Kansas Politicians (6/27)

Talking Points Memo

  1. Ex-Senators Tout New Advocacy Group Whose Founder Was Involved in New York State Pension Scandal
  2. Senate Passes Immigration Reform


      1. How Congress Can Undo the Supreme Court’s Attack on Workers’ Rights

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