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Morning Round-Up 6-13

“…our government ought to secure the permanent interests of the country against innovation. Landholders ought to have a share in the government, to support these invaluable interests, and to balance and check the other. They ought to be so constituted as to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority.” –James Madison

Feature of the Day: The Architecture of Superman: A Brief History of The Daily Planet

Morning Headlines 


Associated Press

1.    Massive Storm System Surges Toward Mid-Atlantic

2.    Privacy—The Online Generation Wants It

3.    Girl Who Took On Transplant Rules Gets New Lungs

New York Times

1.    Police Agencies Are Assembling Records of DNA

2.    Data Reveals a Rise in College Degrees Among Americans

3.    Census Benchmark for White Americans: More Deaths Than Births


1.    Gang of Eight seeks alternative to John Cornyn amendment

2.    Where’s the immigration air war?

3.    Experts: ‘Treason’ a tough sell in Edward Snowden case


1.    Colorado wildfire destroys more than 93 homes as winds worsen

2.    Judge approves FDA plan to drop limits on morning after pill

3.    Analysis: Top court’s gay marriage ruling won’t be last word

Wall Street Journal

1.    NSA Director Says Data Programs Foiled Plots (6/12)

2.    U.S. Oil Notches Record Growth (6/12)

3.    Planned EU-U.S. Trade Deal Hits Snag on Cultural Issues (6/12)

Washington Post

1.    NSA director says dozens of attacks were stopped by surveillance programs

2.    Google details how it hands over data to federal officials

3.    People want Congress to compromise. Except that they really don’t.


Associated Press

1.    Leaker Snowden Alleges NSA Hacking on China, World

2.    Syrian Rebels Fight For Key Army Base

3.    Turkish PM Vows to Rid ‘Troublemakers’ From Park

New York Times

1.    Starved for Arms, Syria Rebels Make Their Own

2.    Syrian Death Toll Approaches 93,000, U.N. Says

3.    In Iran, Tiptoeing to Avoid Stirring Turmoil


1.    In first response to Snowden, China skirts direct comment

2.    Hardliners still split as Iran election campaigning ends

3.    If U.S. does not arm Syria’s rebels, Arabs, Europeans may

Wall Street Journal

1.    Turkey Reaches Out to Wary Demonstrators (6/12)

2.    Rebels Plead for Weapons in Face of Syrian Onslaught (6/12)

3.    Man Behind Leaks Is Still in Hong Kong (6/12)

Washington Post

1.    Egypt frets, fumes over Ethiopia’s Nile plan (6/12)

2.    Medellin’s efforts against crime prove fleeting  (6/12)

3.    For Lebanon’s Sunnis, growing rage at Hezbollah over role in Syria (6/12)

Top Conservative Stories of the Day: 

The American Conservative

1.    Constitutional Calvinist

2.    Social Conservatives Should Stand by Scouts


1.    Ailes on Benghazi: Where Was Our Commander-in-Chief?

2.    Clinton to Obama: Override Public Opposition to Syria Intervention

The Daily Caller  

1.    Chief counsel in lawsuit against IRS: top Democrat Cummings’ claim is ‘ridiculous’

2.    Rich Lowry: Obama ‘in a long line of Lincoln body snatchers’

1.    IRS Cancels Order for Spying Equipment (6/12)

2.    CIA Deputy Director Steps Down ‘To Spend More Time With His Family’ (6/12)

3.    Kerry Has ‘Nothing to Announce’ on Arming Syrian Rebels as Regime Gains Ground

Hot Air

1.    Was Franks another Akin?

National Review

1.    Social Security for the Dead

2.    Looking Out, Looking In

Washington Free Beacon

1.    Officials Worried Snowden Will Pass Secrets to Chinese

2.    Feds Hunted for Snowden in Days Before NSA Programs Went Public (6/12)

The Weekly Standard

            1. Special Report Panel on NSA and Turkey  

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

The Daily Beast

1.    New CIA #2 Used to Read Anne Rice Aloud at Her Bookstore’s Erotica Night

2.    Bill Clinton: Obama May Look Like a “Wuss” Over Syria

3.    Tea Party on NSA Snooping: We Told You Not to Trust Big Government!

Huffington Post

1.    Edward Snowden Tells South China Morning Post: U.S. Has Been Hacking Hong Kong and China Since 2009 (6/12)

2.    No Child Left Behind Bill Passes Senate Committee, But No End in Sight For Recasting Bush Law (6/12)

Talking Points Memo

1.    Obama Admits Democratic Turnout Dips in Midterm Elections

2.    Great Moments in Rebranding


1. Self-Proclaimed ‘Green Republican’ Has One Climate Policy: Build Keystone Tar Sands Pipeline (6/12) 

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