The Spectator’s Spectacular: Most Read Stories, Jun. 1 – Jun. 8

1. The Obama Watch: The Era of Contempt by Frank Schell

    One theme connects all the Obama administration scandals.

2. Special Report: IRS Commissioner Aided Tax Cheating Congressman by Jeffrey Lord

    Shulman rallied for Rangel: Jason Furman, Media Matters, Fox News, Jarrett, and a job.

3. A Further Perspective: How Many Things Can Jim McDermott Get Wrong in Five Minutes? by Kaylin Bugos

    Some Dems will say anything to keep the IRS from being audited.

4. The Obama Watch: Impeach Obama? by Andrew B. Wilson

    Don’t even think it, Rush says. But let’s think it anyway.

5. Loose Canons: Hot Times for Holder by Jed Babbin    

    But get used to it: he’s not going anywhere.

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