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Morning Round-Up 6-7

“It has been observed that a pure democracy if it were practicable would be the most perfect government. Experience has proved that no position is more false than this.” Alexander Hamilton

Feature of the Day: Anonymous Just Leaked a Trove of NSA Documents

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

  1. Tropical Storm Andrea Zipping Up The East Coast
  2. Ariz. Sheriff Suspends Immigration Efforts
  3. US Declassifies Phone Program Details After Uproar

New York Times

  1. U.S. Confirms That It Gathers Online Data Overseas
  2. As Wars End, a Rush to Grab Dollars Spent on the Border
  3. Same-Sex Marriage Is Seen in Poll as an Issue for the States 


  1. President Obama’s let’s-have-a-debate defense
  2. Roger Ailes unplugged
  3. Bush critics turn wrath on President Obama 


  1. Reports on surveillance of Americans fuel debate over privacy, security
  2. Misfired 2010 email alerted IRS officials in Washington of targeting
  3. President Obama takes health pitch to California after rate row

Wall Street Journal

  1. Obama’s Civil-Liberties Record Questioned
  2. U.S. Collects Vast Data Trove
  3. Cities Push for Local Hires

Washington Post

  1. Documents: U.S. from 9 leading Internet firms; companies deny knowledge (6/6)
  2. ‘No Such Agency’ spies on the communications of the world (6/6)
  3. Romney mixes business and politics at exclusive Utah conference (6/6)

 Washington Times

  1. Scope of phone records seizure causes alarm; data collection goes beyond Verizon
  2. Flour power isn’t sweet on gay marriage; bakeries snub same-sex couples’ weddings (6/6)


Associated Press

  1. Rival Koreas Make Counterproposals for Talks
  2. 4 Die in Shooting in Mexico City Neighborhood
  3. France Studies How to Track Arms For Syrian Rebels

New York Times

  1. In Syrian Victory, Hezbollah Risks Broader Fight
  2. China Seen in Push to Gain Technology Insights
  3. North and South Korea Agree to First Dialogue in Years


  1. Turkish PM to protesters: stop now
  2. Suicide bombers hits Iranian pilgrims in Iraq, nine dead
  3. Kerry to return to Mideast next week in further peace push: sources

Wall Street Journal

  1. China Builds Up Its Links to North Korea (6/6)
  2. Turkish Leader Holds Firm on Protests
  3. In Qusayr, Signs of an Intensfiying Holy War

Washington Post

  1. With Golan fence, Israel closer to surrounding itself with barriers (6/6)
  2. In Asia’s waters, an assertive China means long-lasting disputes
  3. Turkey’s Erdogan says he won’t yield ground to protesters

Top Conservative Stories of the Day: 

The American Conservative

  1. Thatcher Goes to China
  2. One Language After All (6/6)


  1. PRISM: ‘They Quite Literally Can Watch Our Ideas Form As You Type’ (6/6)
  2. Government Storing Vast Phone, Email Data at NSA Data Center in Utah (6/6)

The Daily Caller  

  1. Albanian Socialist arranged $10,000 payment for Obama photo (6/6)
  2. NSA, FBI secretly mines data from major Internet companies (6/6)

  1. U.S. Spy Agency Taps Directly Into Google, Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube, Apple, Skype, AOL (6/6)
  2. Clapper Insists Internet Data Mining Deliberately Targets Only ‘Non-US Persons’

Hot Air

      1. May jobs report: 175,000 jobs added, jobless rate steady at 7.6%

National Review

  1. Obama’s Ethical Gymnastics
  2. Panopticon at Fort Meade

Washington Free Beacon

  1. The Caste: Column: Meet the men and women who really run the world
  2. Counter Pivot: China moves against U.S. pivot to Asia with stepped up military, diplomatic economic ties to Americas

The Weekly Standard

  1. 7.6 Percent
  2. Director of National Intelligence: ‘Cannot Be Used to Intentionally Target Any U.S. Citizen’

Top Liberal Stories of the Day: 

The Daily Beast

  1. Phone Records Shared With U.K.
  2. U.S.-China Summit, Friendship Isn’t What Matters
  3. Southern Conservatives Revive Calhounism—Tyranny of the Minority

Huffington Post

  1. NSA Collection of Verizon Phone Records Defended By Top Senators (6/6)
  2. Michele Bachmann On Obamacare: ‘I Was The Champion of Repealing’ It
  3. Walmart Activism Is Effecting Change At World’s Largest Retailer, Organizers Say (6/6)


  1. Guards detail sexually-harrassing prison from hell

Talking Points Memo

  1. DNI: WaPo, Guardian Articles Contained ‘Numerous Inaccuracies’
  2. Is This Who Runs Prism?


     1. What You Need To Know About The Government’s Massive Online Spying Program


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