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Morning Round Up 6-4

It is a popular error to suppose the loudest complainers for the publick to be the most anxious for its welfare.” John Adams

Feature of the Day: Watch A Terrifying, Beautiful Electrical Storm From A Plane Window

Morning Headlines 


Associated Press

  1. Silicon Valley At Front Line of Global Cyber War
  2. Storm Chasing Critical, Profitable, and Dangerous
  3. Fort Hood Victims Upset; Suspect Can Question Them

New York Times

  1. When Billionaire Sets Rules, It’s An Exclusive Race
  2. Justices Allow DNA Collection After an Arrest
  3. Earning Merit Badges and Learning Knots Under New Flags


  1. Democrats’ 2014 strategy: Own Obamacare
  2. New battle over military sexual assault
  3. Veto threats foreshadow fall drama


  1. Judge in Colorado shooting case expected to rule on insanity plea
  2. U.S. tweens active, unmonitored on social media: survey
  3. Senator Frank Lautenberg dies at 89 

Wall Street Journal

  1. Supreme Court: Police Can Take DNA Samples in Arrests (6/3)
  2. The Latest Urban Development Trend: Less Elbow Room
  3. Obama to Nominate Three Judges to D.C. Circuit

Washington Post

  1. House Republicans broken into fighting factions
  2. U.S. military chiefs balk at taking sex-assault cases out of commanders’ hands
  3. Baby boomers are killing themselves at an alarming rate, raising questions: Why?


Washington Times

  1. IRS acting chief Danny Werfel vows to fix ‘trust’ in agency (6/3)
  2. Dumbbells: EPA contractors lifted weights, watched TV as warehouse rotted (6/3)


Associated Press

  1. German Troops Sent In To Help Its Flooded Cities
  2. Putin: S-300 Missiles Not Sent To Syria Yet
  3. Man Dies During Protest in Turkey

New York Times

  1. U.N. Panel Reports Increasing Brutality by Both Sides in Syria Conflict
  2. Elite in China Molded in Part by Tiananmen
  3. As Turks Challenge Their Leader’s Power, He Tries to Expand It


  1. Turkish deputy PM seeks to calm anti-government protests
  2. U.N. rights team believes chemical weapons used in Syria
  3. Egyptian court jails American, German in NGO case

Wall Street Journal

  1. Deadly Fire Renews China Work-Safety
  2. Europe Floods Wreak Havoc (6/3)
  3. NATO Considers Libyan Training Mission (6/3)

Washington Post

  1. For Hezbollah, risks in backing Syria’s Assad
  2. Iran’s Khamenei accuses critics of trying to undermine presidential election
  3. Maintaining hard stance Erdogan dismisses protests, but president defends people’s right

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:

The American Conservative

  1. Why Kennan Matters
  2. Stop Talking About Meritocracy 


  1. Leftist Groups Enjoy IRS Tax-Exempt Status While Tea Party Suffers (6/3)
  2. Obama To Sign UN Gun Treaty During Summer Recess (6/3)

The Daily Caller  

  1. Ted Cruz denounces Supreme Court ruling on warrantless DNA collection (6/3)
  2. IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel a Howard Stern fan (6/3)

  1. Gitmo Offers ‘Resume Writing’ Class for Terrorists (6/3)
  2. Treasury IG: ‘No One’ at IRS Would Say Who Ordered Targeting of Conservatives 

Hot Air

        1. AP: Obama officials using secret e-mail accounts

National Review

  1. Torching Utopia
  2. On Obamacare, Oklahoma Leads

Washington Free Beacon

  1. Under Siege: World must focus on threat from radicalism, says Israeli expert
  2. Many Questions, Few Answers: Acting IRS Commissioner faces Congress for first time (6/3)

The Weekly Standard

      1. Struggle for China Continues

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

The Daily Beast

  1. Exclusive: Top Islamic Leader Calls for No-Fly Zone in Syria
  2. Big Brother Invades Your Genes
  3. Obama’s Economic Triumph

Huffington Post

  1. Fox Business Refuses To Air Ultraviolet Ad Slamming Pundits For Sexist Comments
  2. Medicaid Expansion Denial Will Cost States Billions: Report (6/3)


  1. Good News for Liars

Talking Points Memo

  1. The “Romney Abacus”


  1. The Police Can Now Access Your DNA Without A Warrant, Even When You Can’t Access It At All (6/3) 


            AP–Russia Wants Seagal To Be The Face Of Its Weapons Industry

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