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What Does Consequence-Free Sex Cost Us?

One of the most convincing arguments against the death penalty that I have heard is that the justice accomplished by an execution isn’t worth the death of an innocent man. Meaning, as DNA evidence and technological advances have proven, occasionally innocent people have been put to death for crimes they didn’t commit. This is not a majority or even a significant minority of cases. But still the question must be posed: Is punishing the guilty worth the blood of innocent men?

Now after Kermit Gosnell, pro-choice advocates face a similar moral dilemma. Gosnell is not alone. As Jordan Gonzalez reported yesterday abortionist Douglas Karpen has a similar history of atrocity. Beyond that, reports have come in from Delaware and other places where horrifying abortion clinics exist. This is what it boils down to: Even if one does not believe a baby in the womb is a life, what is universally recognized as life—newborns—have been sacrificed on the altar of the pro-choice movement and “consequence-free” sex. We as a society have allowed the murder of babies so that we can continue to maintain a pro-choice option. And don’t feed me the allowances for rape and protection of the mother. Those account for a tiny fraction of total abortions and distract from the main reason why people exercise their “choice”: they are selfish and don’t want to be parents.

Is it worth it?

Newtown prompted a national debate and a vote in the Senate on gun control (not even the issue in that instance) but Gosnell hasn’t prompted a single congressional hearing despite decades of abuse.

I know I am preaching to the choir at The American Spectator but I can’t help but cry out to the masses. How many have to die so that you can avoid being a parent? How many? Is it possible to maintain that America has some sort of moral high ground when we allow and tacitly encourage clinics like Gosnell’s and Karpen’s to exist? We have no legitimate claim on morality. End this horror. 

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