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Morning Round-Up 5-13


Nevertheless, if we look through all the heroic fortunes of mankind, we shall find the same entanglement of something mean and trivial with whatever is noblest in joy or sorrow.” Nathaniel Hawthorne

**Obama expected to take questions on IRS scandal at 11:15 news conference with British PM**

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

  1. Monday Last Day for Morning-After Appeal
  2. Issa Plans Depositions for Mullen, Pickering
  3. Senator: Obama Should ‘Condemn’ IRS Targeting

New York Times

  1. Seeking Clues to Heart Disease in DNA of an Unlucky Family
  2. Chairman of Benghazi Board Defends Its Decision Not to Question Clinton
  3. Cabinet Secretary Solicits Large Donations to Publicize Health Care Law 


  1. President Obama stares down the second-term curse  
  2. John Boehner’s biggest fixation: Benghazi
  3. Renewed drive to ease sequester (5/12)


  1. Nineteen shot in New Orleans Mother’s Day Parade
  2. Top U.S. admiral puts cybersecurity on Navy’s radar
  3. Insight: Housing improvement may herald return of U.S. workforce mobility 

Wall Street Journal

  1. Wider Problems Found at IRS (5/12)
  2. A Top Contender at the Fed Faces Test Over Easy Money (5/12)
  3. Jersey City Election Highlights Obama’s Local Effect (5/12)

Washington Post

  1. IRS wrongdoing threatens to become a major issue for Democrats
  2. IRS targeted groups critical of government, documents from agency probe show (5/12)
  3. Green card lottery, a ticket to hope for many, could be eliminated (5/12) 

Washington Times

  1. Outraged GOP: It’s time to audit the IRS; targeting of conservative groups called ‘chilling’ (5/12)
  2. McCain sense Benghazi ‘cover-up,’ wants more Clinton testimony (5/12)


Associated Press

  1. Roadside Bomb Kills 10 Civilians on Afghan Bus
  2. Pakistan’s Next Premier an Islamist Comeback Kid
  3. Syrian Troops Will Take Full Control of Strategic Town 

New York Times

  1. Arrests and Calls for Calm in Turkey
  2. Pakistani Party Leader Looks Forward, as Claims of Vote-Rigging Swirl
  3. Cyberattacks Against U.S. Corporations Are on the Rise 


  1. After bombings, Turkey says world must act against Syria
  2. Analysis: Iran election opens up as surprise candidates enter race
  3. British PM Cameron moves to quell party revolt over Europe

Wall Street Journal

  1. Yen’s Fall Aids Japan, Worries Others (5/12)
  2. Pakistan’s Next Leader Vows Better U.S. Ties (5/12)
  3. Israel’s Netanyahu to Meet Russia’s Putin (5/12) 

Washington Post

  1. In Timbuktu, conflict shatters a city’s soul (5/12)
  2. Turkey’s Erdogan to air policy differences with Obama
  3. Turkey says bombing suspects are linked to Syria (5/12) 

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:


  1. Benghazi Victim’s Mom to Hillary: ‘She Got Her Child, I Don’t Have Mine Because Of Her’ (5/12)
  2. Rand Paul: Benghazi Should ‘Preclude’ Hillary From Holding Higher Office

The Daily Caller  

  1. Adam Kokesh admits mental instability, calls for armed march on D.C.
  2. Boston bombers’ mosque recommended men beat their wives (5/12)
  3. FLASHBACK: Romney donor vilified by Obama campaign, then subjected to 2 audits

  1. Internal IRS Mandate: ‘Be on the Lookout’ for ‘Organizations Involved In…Educating on Constitution and Bill of Rights’ (5/12)
  2. Pickering: No Need to Ask Clinton About Benghazi, Because He Questioned People Who ‘Attended Meetings With Her’ 

Hot Air

        1. Collins: Why hasn’t Obama spoken up about the IRS scandal?  

National Review

  1. An Outlaw Tax Collector
  2. In Iowa, Rand Paul Looks to 2016

Washington Free Beacon

  1. Open Secrets: Pentagon plans to share missile secrets with Russia opposed by Republicans
  2. Abandoned: Hurricane Sandy victims struggle to regain normalcy (5/12) 

The Weekly Standard

  1. Jewish Groups Outraged at Newseum  
  2. The Benghazi Scandal Grows

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

The Daily Beast

  1. Cleveland Wants to Burn Down Ariel Castro’s House. Should They Do It?
  2. With Benghazi Video, Karl Rove Kicks Off 2016 With Hillary Clinton Hit
  3. Bloomberg Terminal Scandal Makes Bunga Bunga Seem Quaint

Huffington Post

  1. Benghazi Poll Finds More Disapprove Than Approve of Obama’s Handling of Attack Aftermath (5/11)
  2. Darrell Issa: David Petraeus Carried Obama’s Water On Benghazi (5/12) 

Talking Points Memo

        1. Big New Out of South Dakota 


  1. Multiple Gunmen Open Fire During New Orleans’ Mother’s Day Parade, At Least 12 Injured  


      AP— Ginsberg: Roe V. Wade Was Too Sweeping, Gave Abortion Opponents Symbol To Target

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