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Morning Round-Up 5-2

 “…so long as honor, so long as virtue, so long as nobility, so long as worth remain, and so long as you control yourself by keeping your eyes upon them, assuredly pain will lead to virtue and grow fainter by a deliberate effort of will…” Cicero 

Feature of the Day: The 10 Most Exciting Rescues in History

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

  1. For 3, Bomb Suspect’s Friendship Leads to Charges
  2. Police, Politicians Push Surveillance Post-Boston
  3. Women’s Groups Decry Appeal on Morning-After Pill 

New York Times

  1. Three Are Accused of Impeding Boston Bombing Inquiry (5/1)
  2. In Russian Social Media, Glimpse of Students Accused of Hiding Boston Evidence (5/1)
  3. Showing Grass-Roots Support for Immigration Overhaul (5/1) 


  1. Winning over President Obama with ESPN
  2. Aide: Penny Pritzker to be nominated for Commerce
  3. What Ted Cruz knows


  1. Amid new security threats, some in Congress look to update 9/11 law
  2. Kazakhstan says working with U.S. on Boston bomb probe
  3. What options does Obama have to close Guantanamo? 

Wall Street Journal

  1. U.S. Charges Three More in Boston Marathon Case (5/1)
  2. Governors, GOP Allies Clash Over Tax Cuts (5/1)
  3. GM Moves On Past ‘Government Motors’  (5/1)

Washington Post

  1. SEC subpoenas firm, individuals in a case of leaked information (5/1)
  2. Three arrested for allegedly helping suspect after Boston bombings (5/1)
  3. Obama prods liberals for give-and-take on Senate immigration bill (5/1)


Associated Press

  1. Bittersweet End for Missing in Bangladesh Collapse
  2. Analyst: US Man Sentenced in NKorea Bait for Visit
  3. Gadhafi’s Son Appears in Court; Case Postponed 

New York Times

  1. Amid Fealty to Socialism, a Nod to Capitalism (5/1)
  2. Syrian Forces Advance in Homs, Reports Say
  3. China Accused of Denying Care to Relative of Dissident


  1. Local mayor suspended as Bangladesh disaster toll climbs to 430
  2. From Toronto to Dagestan; Canada draws parallels with Tsarnaev  
  3. Jewish leaders alarmed by far-right, anti-Semitism in Hungary

Wall Street Journal

  1. Indonesians Rally on May Day (5/1)
  2. U.S. Sees Arming Syria Rebels as Less Risky (5/1)
  3. North Korea Sentences U.S. Citizen to 15 Years Hard Labor

Washington Post

  1. Venezuelan opposition protests vote (5/1)
  2. In Indian mining town, the barons are back
  3. Bolivia’s president expels U.S. aid agency (5/1)

Washington Times

  1. White House denies any Benghazi muzzling; hearings planned to probe cover-up (5/1)
  2. Abortion clinic video makers call for government investigation (5/1)

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:


  1. Pentagon May Court Martial Soldiers Who Share Christian Faith (5/1)
  2. Poll: 41% of College Graduates Unemployed  (5/1)

The Daily Caller  

  1. Congress ignores Obama, pushes ahead on Benghazi (5/1)
  2. USDA spending $4 million to increase food stamp use at farmers markets
  3. Rubio admits Gang of 8 bill border security provisions are weak

  1. Militia Hired by State Dept. Warned It Wouldn’t Protect Stevens’ Movements in Benghazi (5/1)
  2. Bloomberg: ‘Going with the NRA’ Is ‘Going Against the Lives of our Children” (5/1)

Hot Air

        1. Jay Carney: Hey, Benghazi happened a long time ago  

National Review

  1. Rand Embraces Israel
  2. Pigford Dossier

Washington Free Beacon

  1. Overhauling the Vote: Colorado bill raises possibility of voter fraud and intimidation, critics say
  2. The Mexican Drug Policy Shift: Officials downplay security concerns ahead of Obama trip to Mexico

The Weekly Standard

        1. Biden: ‘There Should Be Two Senators from the State of DC” 

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

The Daily Beast

  1. With Friends Like Dzokhar…
  2. Next Time, the NRA Will Lose
  3. Where Are Syria’s Chemical Weapons? 

Huffington Post

  1. Syria Poll Finds Little Support for Military Intervention (5/1)
  2. Lawmaker Claims Shocking Proof Boston Bombing Was Government Plot (5/1)

Talking Points Memo

  1. Two Popes Walk Into the Vatican 


  1. Tennessee Commissioner Refuses to Apologize For Anti-Muslim Picture On Facebook 


      AP—Obama Adminstration Appeals Ruling on Morning-After Pill

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