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Rubio’s Secret Emails No Big Deal

Senator Marco Rubio is taking some heat from Breitbart News over circulating talking points with the Cato Institute and Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform. From the article;

On Friday afternoon, political consultant Peggy Ellis of Ellis & Company, who is supporting the Gang of Eight immigration efforts, emailed “Talkers from Rubio” to the group of organizations supporting their efforts such as Cato and ATR. 

The email was headlined: “Rubio talking points re: Boston terrorists vis a vis immigration reform.” The message contained three talking points from Sen. Rubio, the first of which argued that the immigration bill would prevent people like the Boston Marathon terrorists from getting into or staying in the country.

“These terrorists came here under the existing system, the one opponents of reform want to leave in place,” Sen. Rubio wrote in his first talking point.”

I have been living and working in Washington for seven years, emails like these are constant and numberless. The idea that they are in some way “secret” is nonsense. No one on these email chains has any delusion that the contents will remain secret. I gurantee that mutliple groups on the left and the right had discussions, emails and talking points about the Boston Marathon bombing and how that news item impacts any number of political issues. In fact, the Daily Beast is already drumming up the argument against treating Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as an enemy combatant.

My point is, while many find this type of spinning distasteful (and understandably so) let’s not pretend that it is uncommon or that Senator Rubio is involved in some “nefarious” and “secret plot” to flood our country with illegal immigrants by sharing some really bland talking points.

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