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I’m In Love With Margaret Thatcher

The vile outpouring of hatred against Margaret Thatcher from the British left that saw celebration parties (and violence) after her death was announced has now morphed into a campaign to get the Judy Garland song from the Wizard of Oz “Ding Dong the witch is dead” to the top of the music charts. The music industry has changed so much that it now only takes about 35,000 downloads to reach the top of the charts, I am told, so this is distinctly possible.

But Thatcherite belief in competition is not dead. Led by The Commentator, there is a conservative campaign to get a punk song from 1980, “I’m in Love with Margaret Thatcher” to the top of the charts as well. As I write, the song is on the verge of reaching the top thirty in the UK download rankings.

Leftists have of course objected that the punk song is satirical, but do not have appeared to have noticed that the Wizard of Oz tune isn’t even about Margaret Thatcher, or that the ultimate beneficiary of their campaign is a mega-corporation, not to mention the sales via Apple’s iTunes.

Perhaps the last word, therefore, should go to the newly elected head of Conservative Future, Oliver Cooper, who noted on Twitter: “ The battle over Margaret Thatcher’s legacy has came [sic] down to who buys the most things from the world’s largest company. Thatcher wins again.”

PS. If you’d like to try to get the song on the US charts, you can buy it from Amazon.

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