The Spectator’s Spectacular: Most Read Stories, Mar. 31-Apr. 6

Spring is finally here! At least it is in Washington, D.C. No matter the weather, enjoy our Spectaculars of the week!

1. Special Report: Deneen Borelli: America’s New Rosa Parks by Jeffrey Lord 

    Blacklash released in paperback as Dr. Ben Carson attacked by Johns Hopkins leftists.

2. The Obama Watch: His Greatest Failure by Peter Ferrara

   The absence of economic recovery under Obama’s Keynesian rule is what has most transformed America

3. Political Hay: The Borking of Michele Bachmann by Jeffrey Lord

   Another conservative gets the Washington treatment.

4. The Right Prescription: Get Ready for Obamacare Premium Defaults by Betsy McCaughey

   Exchanges coerce families living paycheck to paycheck to enroll in unaffordable plans.

5. State Watch: Murder in the Old Dominion by Grover G. Norquist

   Behind Gov. Bob McDonnell’s political suicide. 

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