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Re: Paul Beston’s The 9/11 Hearings Jump the Shark:

This article is truly profound. Bravo.
Kevin Seeley
Buffalo, New York

I was impressed by Paul Beston’s article about the travesty that the 9/11 Commission hearings have become. He wrote clearly , concisely and truthfully about how shameful the behavior of some of the 9/11 victims families behaved. How awful this commission has become and how simple truths from Giuliani’s mouth were made necessary.

What a shameful display this commission has become. We are at WAR. We will be hit again and again and again in ways we cannot now imagine and all the while this commission acts as a Democrat political vehicle accusing those who did everything they could and became true heroes, those who fight now to protect us and secure our freedoms, all the while protecting and hiding the incompetence, arrogance and downright ignorance of the Clinton administration , which for eight years, completely ignored every hint, every opportunity to do something. Jamie Gorelick, a member of the commission, a Clinton administration member and one who had a position that put her in control of the very measures that assisted in making an attack possible, now sits and accuses the likes of President Bush, Rudy Giuliani, Don Rumsfeld, and everyone who has actually had backbone and resolve and has DONE what needed to be done to protect us?

I appreciate everything that Paul said and glad he wrote this article about this shameful display the commission has exhibited. They sank to new lows in New York.

I am ashamed they share citizenhood. They do not deserve to be Americans!
Careen Longhurst
An ANGRY American!
Surrey, British Columbia

Funny how time erases all the good done by Giuliani and NY’s firemen/policemen and all the others that provided assistance on that awful day!

When are people who want to blame U.S. for the terrorism going to wake up to the fact that without U.S., they’d have no hearings or even rights to attend and point fingers? What will it take?

Thank you,
Carole Davis

Hmm….. weren’t the highjackings carried out by Islamic extremists who all died when they crashed the planes into, or not into, their targets? I don’t understand why it’s so hard to find the correct target for blame.

I may be wrong on the following, but I don’t think so. Let’s do a quick recap: Rudy: still alive and well, not an Islamic extremist…. nope, not his fault; New York Firefighters: mostly still alive and not Islamic extremists…. nope, not their fault; New York policemen: again mostly still alive and not Islamic extremists…. nope, not their fault

Ah, I think I have it. The firefighters and policemen who died trying to rescue their fellow citizens, that’s it. They were part of the plot all along. They must have been all Islamic extremists involved from the beginning. On the other hand, maybe they were exactly what we all thought they were. Heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to their community. Nope, not their fault, either.

I can understand the grief of the people who lost loved ones on that terrible day, but really, the fault is not hard to find. It really was 19 Islamic extremists.
Bill Deady
Manchester, New Hampshire

Paul Beston is correct that the 9/11 Commission is nothing but a Monday morning quarterback session filled with ex-politico blowhards trying to revive their names from obscurity. Seriously, who even knows half these bozos? I never heard of most of them.

But to try and blame Rudy Giuliani for what the terrorists did is downright disgusting and the panel members should be ashamed of themselves. They also should be drawn and quartered for letting those agitators in so they can turn the entire commission into a circus.

As Beston points out, New York City politicians and press did everything possible during Giuliani’s administration to thwart anything he tried to accomplish. I’ll bet good money that if he wanted to upgrade the radio communication network they’d have fought him tooth and nail. I’ll also bet that the reason that communication network was so antiquated was because of those same city politicians protecting their precious turfs and using the power of the purse to pass out favors to their cronies. How about an investigation into how the contracting for those services was rewarded?

After watching the last few weeks of this tragedy called an investigation I’ve concluded one thing: President George W. Bush was correct in first trying to prevent this useless waste of time, tax payer money, and ridiculous finger pointing.

If you ask me, these commission members don’t even deserve to be treated like prisoners in Abu Ghraib — that’s too good for them!
Greg Barnard
Franklin, Tennessee

Good article about the NY hearings with the 911 commission. I think Bush let this commission go forward just to show how ridiculous the left has become regarding Sept. 11 and to highlight the absurdity of some of the victim’s survivors. We must understand in one sense that there were many heroes that day, both civilian and NYPD/NYFD, who gave all for others. However, that doesn’t seem to register with either the commission or some of the victims’ survivors, as this article pointed out. Thankfully, those in charge of the war on terrorism are able to stay above this farce and continue in their job of protecting us. Eventually though, this stupidity will have a negative effect on the war effort, troop morale, and result in a public relations victory for our enemies, same as happened in Vietnam. What the left doesn’t seem to understand is that they are the ultimate targets of the terrorists. Not only are the extremists ready to wipe every Jew and Christian from the face of the earth, but the idiotic left also. So as the farce called the 911 commission continues to bring their circus to a town near you, and continue to bash the war effort, along with the victim mentality, The enemy is lying in wait for that moment when victory will be theirs. It seems Rudy was only half right in describing who was responsible for 911. He was looking at the facilitators.
Pete Chagnon

I live in Denver and like the rest of the world, watched in horror as these terrible events unfolded. I also remember that 40,000 or 50,000 people went to work in the WTC everyday and vividly recall wondering if the death toll was to be 20,000 people, or a whole lot worse. In retrospect, the 3,000 lives lost almost SHOULD have been a greater number — yet it was not. It was not because of the New York City authorities, Rudy Giuliani and the Police and Fire departments. God Bless them, they did a heroic job. And — shame on John Lehman. What the hell happened to him ? I never would have expected the insults that came forth from his mouth.

Fire Commissioner Vas Essen is to be congratulated for speaking up in the defense of his department. Good for him. Why have more people not echoed his statements ? I am just amazed that these hearings have gained such currency. You are quite right in calling these a venue for the wrath and recompense for the victims–and NOT ALL of the victims, only a vociferous few.…

Thank you for your article, it is well written.
Lou Vascek
Lakewood, Colorado

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s Pasty Prison Pastimes:

I agree that concerns about Muslim shyness and purity are overstated, but prison is hardly the place to make generalizations about sex habits. Much worse than what you describe from Guantanamo is on display in any U.S. penitentiary. My strongest impression of the sexual attitudes of Muslim men comes from Amsterdam, where the ladies in the picture windows in the red-light district are a popular tourist attraction, but nearly all the paying customers seem to be Arabic speakers.

This is in response to “Patsy Prison Pastimes.” If the administration had told me that well after one year in Iraq we would find one leftover shell from the war with Iran I doubt I would have been convinced of the “imminent threat.” Get a grip, I’ve never seen more whining about the biased media, as far as I can tell Fox is the highest rated news channel and Rush rules the radio. What’s the problem?
John Mahoney

Re: Paul M. Weyrich’s Janus-Faced Kerry Compass:

What an interesting (partial) sentence: “Then when asked what words of advice he [John Kerry] would give to homosexual couples in his home state who wish to be ‘married’ (although they never will be in the eyes of God and traditional Christians everywhere)…”

For Mr. Weyrich to possess direct access to God’s thinking is quite a gift indeed. Then to suggest one is only a “traditional Christian” if they agree with Mr. Weyrich’s positions is equally breath-taking.

I’m a religious conservative Republican who finds Mr. Weyrich’s pompous proclamations a bit over the top. Know-it-all “Christians” such as he might find their Judgement Day rather surprising.
David Mackey
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Angelo Codevilla’s article “Heresy and History” lays out a compelling and cogent analysis of the true problem with Islam and the rest of the world. Most Americans don’ t have a clue when it comes to Islam’s Wahabi heresy. Mr. Codevilla adeptly gets to the proposition that most of Americans sense in their hearts, that the war on terror will only be won when orthodox Muslims no longer tolerate this heresy and rout this out of their lands. Now that the United State and the coalition have set the terrorists back on their heals, it would be encouraging to see the orthodox leaders of Islam step up and denounce this heresy.
Steven J. Pruner

Re: Timothy P. Carney’s Wonder Bread or Blue Collar?:

Tim Carney’s article classifies Bob Casey/Bob Casey Jr. as a conservative simply on the abortion issue. His father raised personal income taxes in August of 1991 by 71.4%!! He raised corporate income taxes (already highest in the country) by 44% and quadrupled a minimum tax on small business. All with one swoop of the pen. Read those numbers again, they are for real.

He also intervened against carrying out the death penalty on numerous occasions and vetoed measures to increase the 55 mph speed limit. He sold out to unions all across the state and left Tom Ridge with a terrible fiscal mess.…

Any conservative would be horrified with the prospect of him in power in this state — don’t get caught up on religious issues!
Joe Estermyer

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