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Moving On

Re: The Washington Prowler’s Anatomy of a Forgery and Reader Mail’s Rather’s Blather:

I have thought long and hard about the memos that were published by CBS. The only thing that makes sense is that they were released by the Bush-Cheney team. They duped us all once again. I feel that the information is true, but it was re-typed, so that the first thing that people would notice was the inaccuracies of the type. Who would benefit more? Do you really think that the Kerry Camp would put false documents out there knowing that if they were caught, it would be a bigger black mark on their campaign or the Republicans, who get the truth out, only to have it be a forgery, so no one will believe the information. The more I think about it, the more I am positive that this is the scenario that works. You can’t put anything past Karl Rove. This man is pure evil. He has done it time and time again and he will keep doing it until someone has the courage to take him on. Bush comes out of this again, untouched. How often is this going to keep happening? I have to believe that one of these days he will go too far and be caught, but until then, he will keep going with his dirty tricks and destroying the opposition. Just look at the trail of bodies that he has been involved in.

Please report the truth.
Pamela Harris
Boston, Massachusetts

Re: Eric Peters’ Beijing Buicks:

Mr. Peters asks if we hear the wake-up call. I sure do! I will be calling my broker to buy more GM stock! No one should deny the people of China to participate in some good ‘ole American capitalism — God Bless them. As for Mr. Peters — Naderism died out a long time ago.
Anthony Mastroserio
Princeton, New Jersey

Re: The Washington Prowler’s On Life Support:

It has been said and becoming a fact that when people start to acquaint themselves with Senator Kerry a dislike of him, quite sometimes, starts to take hold.

Here in San Diego I sometimes feel as if I am alone but I have managed to bring out a few opinions on Kerry and it isn’t good. Yesterday while a friend was telling me how he thought Bush was arrogant he also told me he “hated” Kerry (I could tell by his face contortions he was being honest). I asked him to put aside the personal stuff and draw out what really bothered him about both men. He is insulted by all the Kerry pandering and I suspect that more people are starting to see his lust for power transparency. He is of Mexican decent and sees the same in President Bush’s illegal immigration policy.

I suspect that many voters do not quantify some of the things that cause them to dislike Kerry but they do and are coming to a negative conclusion. It should not be a shock to see the President’s surge in the coming weeks and especially after the debates.

Diamon Sforza
San Diego, California

I dunno — seems to me Rather would burn the source in a New York minute if they had anything supporting a “we were set up by the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeevillllll Republicans” storyline.

Now, that may all change real soon, but unless it does, they’re spinning to deflect attention away from their real source — which is either the Kerry campaign or the DNC (albeit with what they hope is a “cutout”). I put my money on the DNC — McAwful is slimy enough to try a stunt like this.
Bradly Roger Bettin, Sr.
Cocoa, Florida

“Rather’s guys are now going after the president of the United States in a way probably no news organization has ever done before. This is now deeply personal to them.”

Incredible admission. This is what passes for journalism? Will Rather be replaced by Rather-Lite?

“Blowout” — a rather (pun intended) unfortunate choice of words to describe an event featuring bubba.
Flagler Beach, Florida

They’re not “forged” documents, are they? Seems like fraudulent fakes.

Explain to me again why the Clintons would want Kerry to win.

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the more Bill & Hillary lard the Kerry campaign with advisers, the more the back-biting and in-fighting grows?
W.L. Roughton
Fairfax Station, Virginia

Re: Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder’s Jews and Survival:

It would take a lengthy conversation for this conservative Republican Gentile servant of Yeshua of Nazareth to explain his reasons and emotions for his support of the nation and the people of Israel. Suffice it to be said, “May the Keeper of Israel never slumber nor sleep.”
David Shoup
Augusta, Georgia

Well, this is one Jew that is a true minority. Pro-life, conservative, and a life member of the NRA. Believe me, to live in Princeton, NJ with view of the world, drives Krugman bonkers! And you know what you can do with the Clinton gun ban of ’94 don’t you?
Maxwell Bricks
Princeton, New Jersey

This is probably one of several responses you’ll receive, but the target of Hillary’s ire was Paul Fray, an advisor on Bill Clinton’s failed 1974 congressional bid. However, I don’t doubt that she utters the same epithet under her breath every time she sees Dick Morris on television.
Evelyn Leinbach

An article with the question I have been asking for years: Why does the American Jewish populace ( and African Americans for that matter) cling “religiously” to the Democrat Party? What has the net result of that allegiance been?

If I recall, the Hillary insult: “F—ing Jew Bastard!!!!!” was aimed at Clinton campaign adviser Paul Fray? Not Dick Morris.
P. Aaron

Re: Home Page’s “Editor’s Desk,” American Spectator On-line Sept. 14:

The election is not over, no matter how far ahead President Bush is in the polls. We require only a few events to put John Kerry in the White House. Here are the events:

Scenario One:
3 weeks before election — 200 American soldiers killed in Iraq
2 weeks before election — 200 American soldiers killed in Iraq
1 week before election — 200 American soldiers killed in Iraq.

Kerry tells the American people — I served in a quagmire; I know a quagmire when I see one; Iraq is Vietnam in the sand. When you elect me I will bring the troops home within 6 months.

The last polls before the election would show a tie between the candidates. Kerry would win.

Scenario Two:
Two weeks before the election, a radiological weapon is exploded in Baltimore harbor; or New Orleans; or Houston. Five thousand Americans are killed and wounded. A half-square mile area must be evacuated and is uninhabitable for 5 years. Homeland Security Dept was completely surprised. No warning, no hint, no idea of what was coming.

Bush is blamed. America decides Bush doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt; no second chance. Kerry rises to the rhetorical challenge; says he will personally lead the battle. Kerry wins by 8 percentage points.

I’m a Republican. I want Bush to win. I think these events probably will not happen. But it is stupid to think they might not, and stupid to think there is only an insignificant probability they would. If they happen, what do Republicans do? Write in McCain? Would Bush step down in favor of McCain? This is fantasy you say? This is the year of the unexpected. Brace yourself. This election is being driven by events.
Ronald Tobey

Dear Ed.: Your final line should have included Ralph Nader in the debate line-up.

We are trying desperately to get him on the ballot in Green Oregon, but the Democrat administration is adamant in opposition!

Keep up the good work.
Lamar Johnson

Re: The Washington Prowler’s Here We Go Some More and A HREF=>Anatomy of a Forgery:

Now that it seems that Dan & CBS have their hands full of forged documents, the question is where did they get those documents. I don’t think there are originals or CBS could parade those out in an ever building dramatic crescendo of the privileges of Bush and the Guard. Face it. CBS doesn’t have ’em.

So who came up with them? Well I have a theory, but no evidence. You folks tell me what you think! OK, here goes…

It has been stated that Ann Richards ran these National Guard charges out against Bush years ago during their gubernatorial battles. Paul Begala has been a Texas Democratic “operative” and despises Bush. Now he is a CNN “unpaid” adviser for Kerry. McAuliffe laid the ground work for the “AWOL” charge from the Guard sometime ago. It seems to me that when Begalla went to Kerry’s Campaign that he brought this in his little bag of tricks and either suckered Dan & CBS (which I find hard to believe) or simply handed CBS the icing for their weak case they dearly and selectively wanted.

So my theory is Begalla is the bag man.

Let me know what ya think!
John Fox

Once again Dan Blather and his lackeys remind us who puts the BS in CBS. Bernard Goldberg was OHH.. so right.
Media, Pennsylvania

I read somewhere (sorry I can’t recall where) that CBS claims the source of the Bush National Guard memos is from an unimpeachable source. That could only mean one person and he is recovering from heart surgery!!!!
D. Bilinski

Re: Jay D. Homnick’s Lying in Wait:

When writing an article about lies it is important to not spread new ones like, “the estimable Dan Rather not suspect of deliberate malfeasance…. ” I suspect Mr. Rather of deliberate malfeasance. So do about 18 million Americans and perhaps a few dozen free thinkers in the mainstream media.

Dan Rather’s intent of malfeasance has been clearly exposed by his arrogant reaction to the possibility of forged documents. As it stands now, he is either a mind-numbed robot who is spoon-fed stories by corrupt producers and doesn’t even have the brainpower to realize he’s been had. ( In that case Mr. Homnick is not spreading new lies about Dan : he just needs to come clean about Dan being an airhead. ) Or, Dan is a news anchor profoundly disturbed by the conservative swing the country is going in and set out to thwart it by using forged documents to back up lies about the military service about the President of the United States : At a time that the President is engaged in a war with young military men dying every day as Dan so readily likes to point out every evening.

Truth hurts. But lies can hurt even more. They can change the
outcome of Presidential elections.
Mrs. John B. Jackson III (Janet)

Re: Pete Peterson’s The Nutty Professor:

Does the Left listen to itself? Do they hear themselves when they speak?

From Pete Peterson’s article: “The Professor [Peter Dreier] also enlightened us that ‘Democrats and Liberals see everything in shades of gray — conservatives are more likely to see things in black and white.'”

Democrats probably nodded their nuance-filled heads. Shrinks might call this “projection”: seeing one’s own faults only in others. I liken it to someone bragging about his modesty. At least it was derided by those in attendance.

This also reminds me of a twist on the old canard: there are only two kinds of people in this world — those who divide the people of the world into only two kinds, and those who don’t.

Yours un-nuanced,
Stephen Foulard
Houston, Texas

Re: James Bowman’s review of Vanity Fair:

Mr. James Bowman is bothered by anachronisms in the new Vanity Fair movie, but his own review refers to Becky Sharp’s contemporaries as “benighted Victorians.” This when a main plot lever in the story is the Battle of Waterloo!
Mark Jickling

Re: Steve Sailer’s The Kids Are Alwrong, the “Weed Eaters” letters in Reader Mail’s Who’s in Charge?, and the “All Right and Wrong” letters in Reader Mail’s The War Lover:

According to opponents of drug legalization, marijuana today is more potent than it was in previous decades. Me, I wouldn’t know. But after reading some of the responses to Mr. Sailer’s column, I’m inclined to agree with the opponents. Anything that can make conservatives and libertarians say “tax them, and regulate them (like booze and cigarettes) and in the process provide the means necessary to fund a real education for all children (the stoned and sober alike)” has got to be pretty powerful stuff.
Sean Higgins

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s When They’re 64:

I first started reading TAS in high school, back when it was being published in Indians — the issue with the essay on Solzhenitsyn by Malcolm Muggeridge, I think, was the first one I read. Anyway, I have followed TAS since then, though from time to time I lost the trail — who can blame me, after all, what with the last few years? — but the column you wrote on Bill Clinton hit the nail on the head about your lousy (if you will), punky generation of self-obsessed whiners.

This idea of their parents as “the greatest generation,” if you think about it, is merely another form of that narcissism. What on earth will become of our country while we try to wait out this cohort of losers?!
Ronald D. Coleman
New York New York

Today I came back from a visit to the medical center to read this interesting column. But the lack of accomplishment is the least of these folks issues. I observe the many elderly patients visiting the center with their children and some cases grandchildren in attendance to drive them when they can no longer do so themselves and to boost their morale in a time of evident need and to care about them as persons valuable just for themselves.

Now with the sixties folks (the types described in the article of course) their children and grandchildren are in the city dump or some other place where bio waste winds up. They are *almost* to be pitied as they await the fate of Howard Hughes.
Charles Romer
Tomball, Texas

Ah, we boomers may have much to be dismissive about but I don’t think music is one of them. Our tastes maybe lacking but every generation has had a backdrop of music that has defined some of their life. Do you not remember the weekend with Aunt Millie where she played Caruso on the 78’s? I do. It is the generational anachronism that each of us carry inside. That one should wallow in it is not constructive, but I think most of my generation enjoys a good Simon and Garfunkel tune every once in a while.

Somehow Mr. Tyrrell, based on reading your literature and background, you don’t impress me as the kind of hip fellow who listens to Spent Sister (my daughters current local ‘hot’ group) on the way to the office. But enjoy whatever it is you prefer, of course.
John McGinnis
Arlington, Texas

Bill Clinton won’t be wearing shorts for awhile. Those of us, like me, who have had bypass surgery have a long scar running down our leg where the surgeon ‘harvested’ a vein for chunks to ‘bypass’ clogged coronary arteries. He’s much too vain. Although maybe not. After all, LBJ loved to pull up his shirt and show his scar to the press!

I’ve thought about Clinton’s ‘death-bed’ phone call to Kerry and have this to contribute. During the time between diagnosis and surgery one has lots of time to meditate on one’s life. Although the odds are good, nonetheless the possibility of not waking up after surgery is very real, and the patient must be apprised of this. After all, the heart is stopped, a heart pump takes over for the duration of the surgery, and then the heart is started again — hopefully — with electric shocks. Sometimes it just won’t start again.

So there is Slick Willie lying there contemplating his life and his ‘legacy.’ Calling Kerry to give him ‘advice’ at that time is a natural thing for a dedicated political manipulator to do. If Kerry wins and Clinton is dead, how wonderful that his last thought before going under the knife was for the future of his party!

And if Kerry loses, Hillary is a shoo-in for the Democratic Nomination in 2008. What a memorial to Bill! I remember the Democratic Convention that nominated Truman. The delegates by acclamation tried to convince Eleanor Roosevelt to run in memory of FDR. She had the class — and the wisdom — to decline, gracefully. Somehow I doubt that Hillary’s ‘channeling’ Eleanor would give her the same wisdom, and nothing could give her class.
Bob Johnson
Bedford, Texas

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