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The West Fling

Spurred by plunging approval numbers and his failure to produce for the American people, the president’s term will come to an early and untimely end on May 14. It seems the public has had its fill of liberal fantasy-land President Josiah Bartlet.

The West Wing, cancelled after seven seasons on NBC, has been a safe haven for those who can’t bear the reality that somewhere, out there, large groups of Americans have elected and re-elected George W. Bush. Some say the show actually mirrored real life in D.C. and they may be correct. After all, sometimes it’s easier to accept that Alan Alda is a Republican senator than say, Arlen Specter.

But Josiah Bartlet isn’t the only fantasy president cooked up by liberals. There is apparently, another Commander in Chief, and I don’t mean Geena Davis. This president, far from acting in the nation’s best interests, is alternately portrayed as a Constitution-hating dictator, an exploitive warmonger, a greedy capitalist, a scheming theocrat, and Adolf Hitler.

These views are understandable coming from those who dwell in the lands of chocolate New Orleans and Hillary Clinton’s illusory plantation, but they are surely at odds with much of the country. Yet when it comes to President Bush, the fantasies of his imminent demise persist.

To that end, the latest liberal talking points suggest that we are losing not only our precious civil liberties due to the sinister machinations of “the shrub,” but the War on Terror itself. One would think this is foolish considering that the WOT is regarded as the president’s strongest suit, but they are not deterred.

Liberals have long had trouble understanding the terms “winning” and “losing” when it comes to war — see Walter Cronkite and the Tet Offensive — so their thinking becomes even more convoluted when discussing it. And when confronted with the question of why there have been no further terrorist incidents here at home, it resembles the proverbial pretzel.

One such riff goes like this: “There haven’t been any attacks here yet because the terrorists are busy in Iraq and Afghanistan.” When it’s suggested that maybe that was the whole idea, they begin searching for the third eye on your forehead and move on to their next anti-Bushism.

The latest impeachable offense is the so-called illegal wiretapping issue. Liberals love polls, especially those that are manipulated to reflect their views while they tend to dismiss those that do not. But one they’ve particularly ignored suggests that the majority of the American people are in favor of the president’s use of warrantless wiretapping to identify domestic ties to international terrorists.

Not only that, half of those polled feel that those who blew the NSA’s cover are traitors rather than whistle-blowers; those selfless heroes who are so revered by the left, unless their name is Linda Tripp. Americans may be receptive to liberal propaganda on many fronts but fortunately national security is not one of them.

Undaunted by their failure to win that battle in their war on Bush, the Democrats’ latest strategy to retake the country is to focus on congressional ethics. But while trying to morph the dirty-doings of a few crooked Republicans into a “culture of corruption,” they are painting with a brush that might be too wide for their own good.

Their self-righteous claim that they received no direct money from Jack Abramoff is akin to Al Gore’s famous remark after collecting sacks of money from Buddhist monks: “I did not know that it was a fund-raiser.” That there are crooks up on Capitol Hill is not breaking news to the American people.

Yet they are sure that GOP corruption goes straight to the top. Their proof? Photos of President Bush with the dastardly Abramoff. Imagine that; a man photographed thousands of times a year poses with a big party donor. Wonder what they would think if he was snapped with sleazy drug dealers, Red Chinese bag men, or lascivious interns?

But at least liberals have one thing going for them, as their ranks may soon increase. It looks like all those who ran for the border in 2004 to escape the dreaded reign of the Prince of Darkness and Kennebunkport will be flocking south like so many Canadian geese as conservatives have now recaptured the Great White North.

When does The West Wing go into syndication?

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