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Lamont:Good for Republicans, Bad for Conservatives

As has been noted before, a Ned Lamont victory is a gift to Republicans. With the anti-war left having taken over the Democratic Party while America is in the midst of a long-term struggle with radical Islam, it can only guarantee many Republican electoral successes in the future. How is this bad for conservatives?

Right now, grass roots conservatives are clearly frustrated with Republican leaders who won’t fight to advance a conservative agenda even though they are in control of the presidency and both branches of Congress. This presents a problem for Republicans this November and beyond, because there is a danger that their discouraged base may stay home on Election Day (or at least be less active than they otherwise would be). Were the Democratic Party controlled by reasonable people, there might be a greater danger of this happening. But grass roots conservatives are much less likely to stay home if it means putting the Michael Moore wing of the Democratic Party in charge. Republican leaders know this, and they know that no matter how much they increase spending, or ignore other core conservative issues, at the end of the day, conservatives will suck it up and begrudgingly vote for them. However angry conservatives are with Republicans, they will come out on Election Day in full force considering the face of the Democratic Party that was represented at the victory rally last night: Lamont, flanked by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, speaking to supporters who chanted for a withdrawal from Iraq.   

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