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Under the Table

Re: Andrew Cline’s Buying Barack:

I suspect that he is exactly right about the motives of our friends in Norway. Nothing else makes much sense. But I don’t know if he is right about Mr. Obama’s “morality.” How moral can a man be, who pals around (or at least used to) with a terrorist who blew people up (and says he didn’t do enough)? How moral can a man be, who uses technicalities to clear the ballot of otherwise good, qualified candidates, so that he can run unopposed, and thus get his start in politics (good for him, but bad for the voters, and the very idea of a democracy)? How moral can a man be, who allows a future felon to “finance” his house? How moral can a man be, who consistently lies to the very people who put him in office? And, of course, this is just a partial “list.”

As far as money “under the table,” I understand there is a $1.4M check that attends the Nobel Peace Price. Not bad for 11 or 12 days “work.”
— David Reich
Auburn, New York

Re: Ben Stein’s An Honor Roll of One:

For the umpteenth time, the correct name for this county’s highest award for bravery in combat is Medal of Honor, NOT “Congressional Medal of Honor”! Assuming that TAS has a style book, this fact should be in it somewhere to avoid the incorrect designation. Thank you for
your time.
— David Menard
Dayton, Ohio,
USAF NCO who served from 1955-77

God bless Ben Stein!
–John Kane

Re: George Neumayr’s Don’t Ask, Then Tell:

I was packing to head west for a week’s precious care of my elderly parents, when I happened to read this article about Chaplain Cash. I must say that I immediately started praying for this man, for the Gospel to reach the ear of our president, and for God’s protection of this man and his family. That being said, I would be remiss to sit silently alone and not speak to this issue. For many weeks I have been listening to and enjoying the songs of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, as I travel the roads between East Texas and the far reaches of the hill country of Texas. The legacy of music and faith that those final albums record remind me of the faith and testimony of grace and salvation that reached into the heart of Johnny, to redeem and change his life. And not just his life but mine as well, and a score of my family from generation to generation. That is the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It can reach far and long and doesn’t take more than a few words spoken, before our hearts are melted and we want to hear more about the faith that has given peace and love to so very many throughout history.

It seems to me that Chaplain Cash is a bit like Daniel, who had the ear of the King, and who used his voice to warn of dangers and perils to come, along with introducing King Darius to the Lord God Almighty. Like Daniel, Chaplain Cash was in the right place and was mindful to use his personal relationship to introduce a Holy God, to the leader of a nation. It is a powerful and dangerous place to be. Daniel found out later, when other jealous court folk found a way to throw in into the lion’s den.

Chaplain Cash will not find a den of lions, to be sure, but whether or not he continues to be able to come before our president, we can pray that God will redeem the times he spoke to our president, and that what was spoken was sufficient to turn the heart of this man. May those words of grace and truth find a place in the heart of our own ruler, and in our hearts as well.
— Beverly Gunn
East Texas Rancher

Re: Jeffrey Lord’s  NFL’s Goodell, Irsay: Rush Critics Democratic Contributors:

Late Wednesday, Oct. 14, ESPN reported, according to “unidentified NFL sources,” that Dave Checketts, who owns the St. Louis Blues and heads a group bidding for the Rams, intends to drop Rush Limbaugh as a minority partner in the bidding team.

If this is true, time’s come to turn off the TV and/or going to games and stop supporting the NFL and its overpaid prima donnas, some who are black and appear to be knee-jerk racist crybabies, and some teams’ owners.

ESPN also reports that Al Sharpton hailed the news as a “moral victory” for America. In case people have forgotten, that’s race-baiter, Tawana-Brawley-fraud-enabler, white-cop-slanderer, cheating-on-his-wife-who-he-then-divorced, Democrat-Party-moral-compass, pro-choice Sharpton speaking.

The loser is not just Rush, but America.
— C. Kenna Amos Jr.

Re: Jeffrey Lord’s Who Is DeMaurice Smith?:

Anyone who has been following the approach of the renegotiation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement in the NFL and watching Mr. Smith’s gently escalating pusillanimity can see the hard seas approach for “America’s Game” one way or another. It is a safe bet that the conclusion of those CBA negotiations will seal Mr. Lord’s conclusion of the NFL as just another bit of road-kill in the seizure of American public institutions. I wonder if the lords of the NFL (Commissioner, owners, players) are conversant with the effects of the Major League Baseball strike.
— Reid Bogie
Waterbury, Connecticut

Re: Andrew Wilson’s A Little Bit of Economics:

Mr. Wilson’s very revealing words about Obama confirm, I believe, my opinion of Obama. That is he is neither intellectually nor emotionally equipped for the position where he finds himself. He masks the insecurities inherent in his rather unusual history, by this surface self-importance and apparent extreme confidence in himself. I believe we can all identify with his situation since probably none of us have the ideal background we would write or create if we could.

We, however, soldier on as best we can but we do not have the future of Western Civilization on our shoulders as this quite unusual and at the same time rather ordinary man in mental capacity does. His situation is further complicated by having to deal with a wife who has issues of her own. These include a distaste for her affirmative action-provided Princeton education and apparently a great deal of animosity for Western Civilization, witness her influence over her husband’s decision to refuse Great Britain’s gift of the Churchill bust. Strange days indeed but every generation has probably thought the same. But at least Christians know this world is not all there is.
— Jack Wheatley
Royal Oak, Michigan

Re: John R. Guardiano’s Personal Fouls:

Rush is not now nor ever in the past ten years been racist. Why believe a lowlife like Sharpton??
— Connie Kenney

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