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Carrying Pictures of Chairman Mao

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s She Is Gone:

I have never heard anyone who knew so much about Mao Tse Tung and this includes people I met in China when I visited there in 1988.

The Gang of Four had just been exposed and put on trial and the Chinese people couldn’t wait to erase Mao from their history — he had brought virtually all of them nothing but misery!

I was appalled to find out that a person with this ideological bent was in the White House and delightfully relieved that she is gone!

Chalk up another righteous scalp for Glenn Beck and “Faux” News!
— Jennie Taliaferro
Dallas, Texas

I suppose somebody really should say it — so it might as well be me. “But when you go carryin’ pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow…”
— Robert Nowall
Cape Coral, Florida

Re: George H. Wittman’s The European Union Wants A President:

Just to set the record staight on the idea of an EU president.

It is the over-inflated leaders in Europe who want a president. If your were to ask the people of the individual nations the answer would include the words: “sun don’t shine.”

I would like to ask Americans to imagine that some bright spark had the idea of blending all the nations of the Americas into one nation, and you had to give up The Dollar and close down Washington and move the capital to Panama, speak Spanish, do eveything in metres, dump the American Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Somehow I do not think you would have many takers. But then you most likely would not be asked. They did not ask us. They just did it.
— John Armstrong
From what is left of England

Re: George Neumayr’s Treachery as Lifestyle Choice:

Mr. Neumayr’s indictment of Obama’s and other’s incomprehension of the Ft. Hood attacks is spot on. But there are two sides of the incomprehension. To those of a certain vintage or with a knowledge of history what is truly incomprehensible, is how a Maj. Hasan could be allowed to go about his errand of promoting jihad and how responsible authorities could be so apathetic. Imagine during WWII an American soldier of German descent expressed pride and love of the Fatherland, proclaimed himself a loyal German and his fealty to German law first, passed around copies of Mein Kampf, openly praised Hitler, strutted around wearing swastikas, condemned the Allied war effort, celebrated Allied setbacks, advocated and cheered acts of sabotage, regularly communicated with enemy leaders, resisted deployment and openly tried to convert others to his cause all in plain sight and with an in-your-face attitude. What do you suppose the reaction of authorities, not to mention his barrack mates, would have been? Would he have even made it past basic training? We wouldn’t have turned a blind eye to his actions then nor would we even today. Even now such an adherent of Hitler’s would be drummed out of the service. No, indeed, he would have found himself cooling his heels in an internment camp for the duration just as thousands of German-American Bund members did who engaged precisely in those acts in the lead up to hostilities because they were correctly seen as enemy sympathizers and potential threats. (Disclosure: my grandfather came to America from Munich, Germany between the wars and I say if ever a people deserved to have their butts kicked it was the Germans of the Third Reich)

Is this to say we should round up all Muslims for the duration, as a young sophist (my teenaged son) asked? Of course not. Just as we can look to our WWII experience for answers to the blatant Maj. Hasans of our time we can look also for guidance to the more delicate issues of how to deal with loyal, decent Muslim-Americans. Tens of thousands of Americans of German, Italian, Japanese and other descendents of our then enemies served with distinction and honor fighting for America on battlefields all over the world. An all Japanese-American infantry unit, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, the famous “go for broke” outfit, fought throughout Europe and went on to become one of America’s most highly decorated units ever, winning 21 Congressional Medals of Honor. So, does this mean Muslims should be segregated even as their parents and families rot in camps (again, my son, sigh…). And again, of course not, because all we need to do is marshall the courage and strength to start making distinctions again as they did in a saner, less politically correct time.

One of the more perverse aspects of political correctness is the condescension of its practitioners. Apparently, the common take at bottom on Maj. Hasan was “he doesn’t really mean it” which is to render him something less than a man who doesn’t know his own mind and convictions or fully comprehend his statements or actions. It is to overlay one’s own worldview and prejudices on another. But if “diversity”, as defined by the superficial assembling of the correct number of colors and creeds, for its own sake is the great goal of political correctness then discretion must be its greatest casualty in principle and now, innocent lives, in practice. With more surely to come. And what’s truly perverse and evil is that by failing to weed out the Maj. Hasans in a phony notion of tolerance the authorities make suspicion of all Muslims more likely. Revisit my comparison above; it is Maj. Hasan to the letter only with a different flavor. We must summon the courage to begin again to make distinctions based on behavior something our less complicated forebears understood. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck and even proclaims itself a duck then it’s probably a duck and when life and limb are on the line we cannot take any chances on that duck, his feelings or our own be damned.
— Mark Shepler
Jupiter, Florida

Once again Obama got it all wrong. Islam actually calls for such “… murderous … acts” — against “infidels.” As for the “justice” Hasan will be met with in the next world — paradise and 72 virgins to minister to his whims doesn’t sound much like the first ring of Circle 7 of Dante’s Inferno.

Hasan, should be shot — or hung. The only thing mitigating against execution is that it would immediately make him a martyr for Islam. Far better to drop him in the deepest, darkest, dankest hole in Leavenworth, (I wonder if they have a dungeon) and throw away the key. He shouldn’t be allowed any contact with other prisoners and minimal contact with the guards; no television, radio, telephone, newspapers, magazines or books — except a copy of the Quran.

One last thing: the U.S. Military must stop the political correctitude nonsense — it gets people killed.
— Gretchen L. Chellson
Alexandria, Virginia

Re: W. James Antle III.’s Joe Being Joe:

An excellent article. However, using the Star Wars comparison, I would say if Cheney was Darth Vader, Biden is Jar Jar Binks.
— Tom McGonnell

Re: Eric Peters’s On Speed:

The article entitled “On Speed,” though persuasive, overlooked a salient, persuasive fact. Speed does not kill. The suddenness of the stop does. It is when the car stops suddenly and the body inside keeps moving, striking the dashboard or steering column, that injuries and fatalities result.

If one were able to continue driving unimpeded at even tremendous speeds, it is not until one had to slow down or stop suddenly that loss of control would occur. Such conditions arise, more often than not, from other drivers who are driving too slow — acting as cholesterol does in the blood vessels — causing traffic congestion and accidents, as opposed to such accidents resulting from winding, icy, wet, bumpy or low visibility roads or SPEED.

If everyone picked up the pace, we’d get where we are going faster, with a lot less road rage and fewer car wrecks.
— Stuart
Alexandria, Virginia

Re: Shawn Macomber’s Fear of The Mother:

 “So, when you examine her more closely, you see that the parallels between Palin and McCain remain quite striking.”

The differences are even more striking. Sarah Palin opposed and overcame the sort of Republicans who nominated a liberal in NY-23.

John McCain is exactly that sort of Republican.

Sarah Palin overcame opponents within her own party to enact real reform.

John McCain has undercut conservatives in order to thwart real reform.

That’s why Palin’s most insidious enemies were in the McCain campaign, not the Democratic Party or news media.
— Lloyd Daub
Greenfield, Wisconsin

Re: Ken Blackwell’s What Reggie Littlejohn Will Learn:

I was disappointed when Ken Blackwell lost his bid for the Republican chairmanship.

Now I’m happy that he lost. I don’t think he could speak as freely as this were he tasked with herding Republican cats:

“Obama has claimed the crown as the world’s premier abortion backer. Maybe that’s why he won the Peace Prize.”

Limousine Liberals, Country Club Republicans and European sophisticates all agree that there
are too many Chinamen in China. With nods and glances, they communicate the same regarding
African-Americans in the ghetto and Hispanics in the barrio.

Someday their caring hearts will turn to the Muslims. But they might see some resistance from that community.
— Dan Martin
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Re: Bill Croke’s  The King

Wonderful! The article has made my day!
— Bruce
Faribault, Minnesota

Re: Mark Hyman’s The Man Who Despises America:

For at least 2000 years people have been praying the Lord’s prayer. In which they ask, “God’s kingdom come.” As history repeats itself and another war is waged (good vs. evil), the battle field this time is not in heaven, but right here on earth. I’m sure that every individual fights a battle within, on many different issues of their lives. A majority of humanity has been led to believe that they are the most important thing, therefore distancing themselves from a (true) relationship with a loving God. The hearts of men (women) are evil, and they try to justify their behavior of greed and pursuit of power by denying their creator.

In the end when we all get to heaven and stand before the judgment seat, and the Lord of Lord’s doesn’t see your name in the book of life, you don’t get to stay. Then it will be too late, there you will see that the choices that you make in this life do make a difference.

The choice is up to each and every individual.

Choose wisely!
— Ramiro Lopez

You may be right that Bing Bang Obama hates America but ironically the above described actions (i.e, getting torture in the open, admitting Cuba) are things that may strengthen the country. The truth shall set you free. I do agree that his manners and speech reflect his aim to demolish America
— Tony Finn

Bravo! You have said it all. I wish it could be mandatory for every US citizen to read this.
— Katharine Bailey

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