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Ummah at War: America Intimidated

Signals source warns that the Friday prayers in the ummah were united in the charge that the Samarra shrine bombing was the work of the American invaders and their infidel heretical secular agents in the Baghdad government.

This accusation was the same in the Sunni and Shia mosques. The charge is that the American crusaders have concocted to favor the non-Islamic elements in the elected officials — by this is meant al-Jaafari of Dawa, Allawi of the INA, Talibani and Barzani of the Kurds, likely also al-Hakim of SCIRI. In sum, all the elite of the U.S.-backed Parliament.

The Friday prayers' identification of a common enemy did not stop the Shia imams and Sunni imams from directing the faithful to kill the opposition and attack the opposition’s holy sites. In Basra, a Shia mob attacked a Sunni shrine with explosives. Shia teams have targeted Sunni mosques in Baghdad in the last hours. The murder of imams will continue. The question is when the Sunni will target the profound Shia mosques in Najaf and Karbala.

All this sectarian homicide and sabotage favors Iran, and it is Iran which is likely directing the worst of the provocation. The emergence of al-Sistani in Iraq at Najaf is a threat to Khamenei at Qom in Iran. Therefore, the beggaring of Iraq, the compromising of Sistani as an American footstool, favors the Council of Elders in Tehran as power brokers and Khamenei as the spiritual authority of Shia. Also, Ahmadinejad’s personal communication with the Invisible Imam via the wells in Iran near Qom  and in Iraq near Samarra endorses his skills as a humble, inspired, gifted, chosen warrior.

Meanwhile, in Iran, the Basiji are sending Khuzestan-raised Shia Arab thugs into the Basra district to assist the mob in attacking the Sunni leadership in Baghdad.

Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia, the Wahhabist imams are telling the faithful young jihadists to throw themselves into the fight to kill the Shia leadership in Iraq.

Best signals source says the deterioration is rapid, and that every day of chaos in Iraq strengthens Tehran in the region.

Paradoxically, another signals source indicates that Iran does not want the U.S. to withdraw from Iraq, despite the noise from Tehran. Iran wants the U.S. tied down in Iraq and so unable to mount a coalition of fleet and air against the Tehran regime. Tehran wants the U.S. to remain a regional hegemon, but a weakened and timid hegemon.

When the British captured Baghdad in 1917, they interrupted a thousand years of Sunni killing Shia. Now in the twenty-first century, it is back to the future.

Recall that Al Qaeda is a Wahhabist-based cult that is supported by Sunni Saudi princes. The Shia of Tehran mean to survive the Al Qaeda offensive against the U.S. The Shia of Tehran are practical tyrants. They condemn Israel; they challenge the Americans; they contain the Wahhabists; they reap the winds of war.

Threatening thought: how long until the U.S. accepts the status quo and begins to cooperate with the century-long realignment of the ummah?

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