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Cartoon intifada hoaxers: squealing the facts

Speaking tonight with Paul Belien of the Brussels Journal, who published within the last hours a stunning account of how the cartoon intifada riots stem in part from a hoax authored by hothead Danish imams.

The original 12 cartoon drawings of Mohammed and Islamic topics were published last September in Denmark. Danish imams, lead by hottest head Ahmad Abu Ladan, boss of the Islamic Society of Denmark, demanded apologies and reparations of obedience from the newspaper, the media, the government, and various ugly ducklings flying by; when that didn’t work, Team Danish Hothead took the show on the road. Faxing and distributing the cartoons around the ummah and outposts, the imams added three cartoons that had not been published. When challenged, Team Danish Hothead claimed the additions were Danish original cartoons that illustrated the sort of disrespect that jihad and its pals routinely suffer in Denmark and Europe. The road show turned into an intifada when Damascus and Tehran seized on the Danish teacup tempest and dramatized big in Damascus and Beirut, burning flags, buildings, Euro bridges, swans.

Meanwhle, the Danish imams were challenged by Brussels Journal and others about the three late additions. The imams would not provide proof the additions were Danish-created cartoons.

Now it is revealed at Neandernews and other sites that at least one of the additions, perhaps the most incendiary, supposedly of Mohammed with a pig’s snout, is not even a cartoon. It is a badly reproduced fax from an AP photo taken last summer of a Frenchman, Jacques Barrot, in costume at the annual pig-squealing championship in Trie-sur-Baise, France.

The imams have hoaxed the Danes, the Euros, the ummah, and now the US State Department, which has contributed unoriginal appeasing words about how the Danish media should know better than to disrespect fuzzy, cuddly Islam. Balderdash, Foggy Bottom. The pig’s snout is a lie; the cartoon intifada is built upon a lie; the comity of planet Earth now bows before lie upon lie, and you, Foggy, are run either by ignorant pedants in the hire of Saudi satraps or by feckless collabrators with the agitprop of the enemy camp.

The heroes here include Paul Belien and his people at Brussels Journal, who have been covering this story since last October, who will now add to the more than two dozen death threats they have received from Team Danish Hothead and their spamming interns.

(Alarm: Death Threat Gap at AmSpecBlog. Where is our Death Threat for printing the truth about the cartoon intifada?

(Make our day, wackjob jihad idolaters and your pay pals at Damascus and Tehran. Threaten us with Death. And I add, for the farm boys who know: real pigs are very, very smart animals, and squeal with some articulation, and would never burn a Danish flag, though they might eat one if it got into the mix.).

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