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Palestine Empty Pockets

Hamas takeover of the Palestinian Authority means endless trouble going forward, and the grotesque, apocalyptic scenario of a Hamas link up with the Muslem Brothers to take over Cairo at Mubarak's death — but most especially right now it means that the Gaza/West Bank terror gangs are out of cash.

The PA meets a payroll (read: handout) for estimated $137,000 per month. Estimates are that the PA needs $68 million per month. This is the entire legitimate income of Gaza and the West Bank and the various neighborhoods of the so-called diaspora, where the undead and the unborn are on the payroll along with Grandpa Refugee Terrorist. As of now, the PA cannot make January's payroll. And with the cut-off of funds imminent from the EU and the US and other known appeasers, the PA is laughably broke, pockets turned out underneath the Lord of the Rings robes.

What is to be done? Terror is a cash and carry business. And Hamas does not plan to back off on its boasts to destroy Israel, so cash from Eurabia is not coming anytime soon. This leaves three likely sources for PA cash. Iran, the Sauds, and the Hamas terror gang accounts — mostly smuggling and larceny money.

Best supposing is that Iran and the Sauds will make gesture to pay a tide-over amount, then the underground transfers can start in earnest. The plan is not to take over Israel, not yet; the plan is to build a political machine to take over Cairo after Mubarak dies.

Note that Hamas leader Khaled Meshal, exiled in Syria under the protection of Corgi Bashar al-Assad, now wants back into Gaza. Note that latest best source/Gaza is that Egypt will broker deal to allow the blood-curdling Meshal passage through Cairo and Sinai right back into his warlord roost in Gaza City.

Extra coffee! Going to be late nights in the rockets' red glare over Negev racket.

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