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President Persian Paranoid Still Missing

Speculation about the missing Persian bloodhound Ahmadinejad: Why does he disappear for a week of work days after returning from war council with al-Assads and (reportedly) Mugniyeh at Damascus?

A national air defense exercise is one rational if apparently disproportionate explanation.

But are the Tehran tyrants truly expecting a bombing run at them now, or near to now, when the IAEA meeting and the Russian nuclear fuel cycle negotiation fail? Is the Tehran tyranny so discontinuous from the Great Satan and his kind that the leadership misreads us this wildly?


More bluntly, the record suggests that Persian paranoia is justified. The record suggests that it would be irrational and irresponsible for Ahmadinejad not to plan for a strike along with a coup, assassinations, general all weather subversion by the Great Satan.

For example, the record shows that on August 2, 1953, the Tehran population voted freely and openly 99.9% in favor of giving the then-superstar Premier Mohammed Mossadegh the power to dissolve the troublesome, British and US and Russian purchased Majlis and to run Iran as a nation yearning to be free.

In 1953, the issue was oil supremacy, just as it is now, and the British and American and Russian ops were fighting over the oil fields, just as they are now, with the important exception that, in those days, the Brits and Americans owned the fields, and didn’t want the cash and future profits to pass into the accounts of the Tehran government, which was flirting with the Red Menace to the north.

Tehran voted to empower its hero of the people Mossadegh to stand up to Young Great Satan, who had been scheming for some years, since well before the Mossadegh goodwill gesture to visit New York, Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell, and Washington with Truman in 1951, to clarify who was in charge of the oil fields.

Within three weeks of the vote, Mossadegh was under arrest by the Pahlevi bully boys and the status quo ante of oil was restored. For the next twenty-six years, until the slow-motion revolution of the Mullahcrats in November 1979, Persian paranoia was justified and plain good history.

Ask again: Does Ahmadinejad expect to be attacked, assassinated, destroyed, removed from the pages of history, as was Mossadegh fifty-two years ago?


Updating, as of the last five hours, East Coast time, Ahmadinejad and his lifelong paranoia (he was born three years after the Mossadegh coup: he has ever known only grievances and Great Satan hating; he is a child of betrayal) are intact, and the president of Iran is still missing.

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