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Kojo Annan, International Man of Mystery

Speaking to Claudia Rosett of Foundation for the Defense of Democracy this evening with regard Kojo Annan, international man of mystery, and the strange case of the 1998 green Mercedes 320 ML purchased fraudulently within moments of the OilForFood Cotecna deal brokered at the UN in September, 1998, that points — car and Cotecna — in an extremely suggestive fashion toward Kojo’s international civil servant father SecGen Kofi Annan.

The lost car is found. When last in the news, the sought-after 1998 green Mercedes 320 ML (purchased in Geneva, Switzerland, with wire transfer shenanigans from Kojo, Kofi, and family fix-it character Michael Wilson, who connived in blunt fashion to defraud at least three countries of taxes, duties, and registrations) was presumed missing in Ghana, on some small piece of the 5000 km of paved roads in that beggarly West Africa homecourt of the Annans. Now it is revealed by Man of Mystery Kojo’s translucent mouthpiece that the 1998 green Mercedes 320 ML is found, or at least its fate in known. It fell down a parking garage shaft in Lagos, Nigeria, last November 2004. It fell down all by itself, so far, as no accident report or insurance report is yet available to say who was at the wheel. Man of Mystery Kojo mouthpiece says that Kojo was not at the wheel, though he offers no proof of the negative.

Left unanswered is a fleet of questions:

1. The 1998 green Mercedes 320 ML was shipped from Geneva, Switzerland, to Ghana in 1998: how did it get to Lagos, Nigeria, where it wrecked itself?

2. Man of Mystery Kojo mouthpiece declares that his client is now making restitution of the $14k his shenanigans in 1998 deprived the state of Ghana in import duties when it was falsely declared to be for the use of the SecGen Kofi Annan at the behest of the local UNDP officer. However, MoMK mouthpiece does not speak to the cash fraud in Europe where the car avoided taxes because it was purchased falsely as a UN car. Also MoMK mouthpiece does not speak to interest payments due for eight years of unpaid up import duties, unpaid up tax-beating.

3. MoMK mouthpiece does not provide explanation how his firm came in possession of all these documents that show the trail of fraud and accident from Geneva to Lagos. From MoMK offices in London, in Lagos? From UN files? From Volcker reports? Such documents not available till now to global search team of ravenous UN reporters.

4. Kofi has nothing to say of his son’s larceny. Kofi has nothing to say of the wrecked car. The UN has nothing to say of the SecGen’s nothing to say. When does the only known controlling authority on the planet with regard UN shameless law-breaking have something to say? Reference is to Brooklyn born beat-cop Norm Coleman of Minnesota and his Neocon attack collie John Bolton at the UN.

Why does an auto fraud matter now?

Because the missing now found wrecked 1998 green Merecdes 320 ML is the broken window at the UN Security Council. It happened at the same time that the UN put together OilForFood under Kofi’s hand-picked agent Benon Sevan, now a fugitive from justice in his native Cyprus. It happened at the same time that the UN constructed the deal that included the Kojo Annan client Cotecna that ushed in a five year long regime of skimming, kickbacks, graft, bribery and arms-smuggling that is otherwise known as the last gasp of the Baghdad regime under Saddam Hussein. It happened at the same time that the Clinton Administration bombed Baghdad for 100 hours and then looked the other way at the buildup of the terror gangs in the Ummah, from Baghdad’s terror camps to Al Q in Afghanistan, all with the smiling nod of the status quo ante Security Council.

When the broken window went unfixed at the UN Security Council, the crime wave that always follows broken windows (see Rudy Giuliani’s famous theory of New York City neighborhood crime waves) moved from New York in September, 1998 (when Kojo Annan’s client Cotecna was turned loose) to New York in September, 2001 (when the neighborhood went very bad). What is the war on terror? It is the result of bad leadership, UN, U.S.; and one small step to take back control of law and order on the planet is to demand transparency for the fraud of Kojo Annan’s 1998 green Mercedes 320 ML.

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