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Chris and Tell: Not a Nice Night

At one point during his desultory performance in moderating what was pretty much a desultory debate, Chris Wallace said, “This doesn’t do any good for anyone.” You think? It was an awful night.

A couple of things jump out. First is the extent to which Hillary Clinton’s felonious side is pretty much seen as ho-hum acceptable. RINO Republican Smerconish on CNN afterward — this during the near universal hysteria in response to Trump’s coy refusal to say whether he’ll automatically accept the results of November 8 — said he pretty much hopes that all the email server stuff will recede, like other campaign controversies, into the past as America moves on to a new day. So crime does pay! I don’t think he realized how perfect an image he invoked in calling for the erasure of emails and servers to receive erasure from our collective memory.

Best I recall — it’s bad enough to have to watch and listen to you-know-who without having to take notes — Wallace asked Hillary one tough question, rather proudly noting that she was paid $225,000 for the Wall Street speech he was briefly quoting. He never followed up with anything along those lines. As I said, it’s all ho-hum.

But even more amazing, he revived all the Donald and the women stories without ever bothering to raise Hillary and Bill’s rodeo queens business. Who says chivalry is dead? Traipsing through the door Chris held open for her, Hillary proceeded to pound Donald something fierce, with her shoe, if you will (at least she didn’t throw it at him), on behalf of all of womankind (which votes in huger numbers than mankind ever did). Chivalry and charity went hand in hand with Chris, as he also left totally unchallenged any of Hillary’s criminal-minded claims for the good deeds of the Clinton Foundation. We look forward to the statues Haiti puts up in her honor. If the country is short of qualified sculptors, I’m pretty sure Hillary or one of her aides can recommend some talented companies who’ll be more than happy to handle the well-funded work.

While we’re fact-checking, what in God’s name does it mean that SEVENTEEN intelligence agencies, according to Hillary, have determined that Russia has intervened in America’s presidential election this year? Do we as a country have that many intelligence agencies going at it at once? Where is Rand Paul when we truly need him?

What’s more, and I’m disappointed in Hillary here, if she has that many intelligence agencies at her disposal — sorry, but we have to assume they’re about as clean these days as Obama administration’s fabled Justice Department and FBI — how is it that not one of them has been able to finger Donald Trump as a Russian operative, agent, and Putin stooge? (He couldn’t be a sleeper agent because he never sleeps!)

In the end, it’s all rather sad that Trump’s mischievous side is lost on the nervous Nellies of the establishment he so terrifies. First it was Republicans in August 2015 — also in a Fox-led debate — who were terrified that he wouldn’t pledge to remain loyal to whoever emerges as the Republican candidate. Then the worry was that he might bolt the party, before all the Republican hombres did everything in their power to expel him from the party and the ticket. Now it’s everyone else terrified that he won’t accept the results of November 8. Can’t they all just see that’s just the way he is? That it’s the way he plays the game and brings art to a deal? Here they are, expected to win very big, yet so worried that in defeat he might not bow and scrape to them? Is that what it is? That they need to break him and hear him cry Uncle?

Or maybe at some level they’re fully aware they haven’t played exactly fair. Good to know liberal guilt still has a chance to survive in some form in what passes for our country’s future.

Wlady Pleszczynski
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Wlady Pleszczynski is Executive Editor of The American Spectator.
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