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As Viewed Through the Twilight

There was a brilliant Twilight Zone, and yes that’s an oxymoron since they were all brilliant. It was an episode about an empty plane that landed at an airport. The inspector who’s called in theorizes that it’s the power of mass manipulation and that the plane really doesn’t exist. They all see the plane’s seats as different colors and different ID numbers on the side of the plane. The investigator sticks his hand through the moving propeller to prove his point and the plane starts to disappear. Yes, to all you Twilight Zone fanatics, there is more to the episode but it doesn’t help prove my point.

Obviously Mr. Trump could have had a better debate. It’s also important to note that he could have done far worse. We sit at home with all the right answers. Why didn’t he say this, and why didn’t he say that? All of us are Jeopardy champions. I’m as guilty as the next guy or girl screaming at the television screen, and of course I have all the right answers. We know that Mr. Trump is not the greatest debater, and honestly I thought he made some amazing points. Yes, I wish he had the obvious rebuttals to his father’s loan, and Hillary’s calling all of us racists. Her all in on police essentially being corrupt was abhorrent, and one time I just wished he would have said “What the hell are you talking about?”

My mom called me right after the debate and said, “This guy went to Wharton?” My response was: “How many in America have?” Yes, Mr. Trump still has her vote. I also watched it with a brilliant friend of mine, who is as objective as Switzerland. Right off the bat she noted that Hillary looked stoned. My friend is college educated, has a great job, but she also comes from a town devastated by factory closings. She’s a millennial who is voting for Mr. Trump. Oddly enough, she was swayed by him more than she was by Hillary. Obviously, these two women are a small sample size but I don’t get out much or know many women. Since my mother doesn’t count, I really do need to get out more.

Of course social media is ablaze with how terribly Mr. Trump did. It’s a good thing you can’t vote on social media, though. Honestly, how many of these “400” pound people are truly going to “go out” and vote. What this race truly comes down to, as another brilliant male friend of mine says, is “race, race, race.” The so-called ‘got you’ moments of this debate, according to the left, were the birther issue and the race issue. Not so fast. The battleground states and the undecided white voters don’t care about Mr. Trump’s thoughts on our president’s birth place of origin, and yes, they see what’s happening in Charlotte and all over America and the world and they are scared. They are more apt to side with “stop and frisk” than with the ACLU.

Whether Mr. Trump won the debate or not is debatable. Did he lose the debate? Absolutely not! People tuned in to see whether he would go off the rail, and whether or not Hillary would fall off the rail. So as you delve into social media or media in general, we all seem to get caught in mass manipulation. Just realize that everyone sees the color of the seats they want to see. Everyone is seeing a different number on the side of the plane. Let’s just stick our hands through the propeller and really be honest and admit that this debate was at best a draw, and at worst a waste of 90 minutes. And, as they say, the draw goes to the challenger, and yes, Mr. Trump is the challenger.

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