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What Role Did Glögg Play in Obama Nobel Peace Prize?

What role did glögg play in the shock decision by Norwegian parliamentarians to award the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama?

Glögg (pronounced something like gloog) is a tasty mulled wine drink popular in Scandinavia.

The question is worth asking because no one in his or her right mind could have voted to award the Nobel Peace Prize to a guy who has been president of the United States for less than nine months (I know — it seems much longer, doesn’t it?) and who hasn’t accomplished much — apart from destroying the U.S. economy and lining the pockets of his friends at ACORN.

President Obama hasn’t done much on the international scene either and what he’s done has been for the most part bad.

This is the kind of decision that must have seemed like a really good idea at the time when one was completely plastered and it’s bound to lead to the creation of a whole new genre in comedy: Norwegian jokes.

The conversation between two Norwegians on the award committee might have gone something like this:

Ragnar: I dunno, Olaf, but we can really mess with the world’s head if we give it to that Obama guy.

Olaf: Right on, Ragnar! I’ll get the next round. Hic.

Ragnar: Yeah. Let’s get King Harald really liquored up before he hands over the award. It’ll be a hoot.

Olaf: It’s a bonus that the dude’s running two wars right now too.

Ragnar: Yeah, man. That’s so fu**ed up. Cheers!

Hey, it’s Norway. Maybe the prize deciders were stoned too.

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