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Powell the Cretin

Gen. Colin Powell was on Face the Nation today, trashing the Republican Party again, as if he has some particular moral authority. I beg to differ. Colin Powell has almost as little moral authority as did the bystanders in the Kitty Genovese rape case.  While his own administration, and especially a very good man named Lewis “Scooter” Libby, was being raped by Patrick Fitzgerald’s out-of-control investigation into the Valerie Plame leak, Powell and his top aide Richard Armitage stood  by silently even though both knew that Armitage had been (without malice aforethought) the actual source of the leak. To let Libby (and Karl Rove and others) twist in the wind for so long when Powell and Armitage knew what had really happened was the stance of either two cowards or, more likely, two vindictive political infighters who cared more about seeing their adversaries (in internal administration disputes) be kneecapped than they cared about seeing justice done and the truth be made public.

And for Powell, who never put himself up for any public election and who never has dealt with fiscal policy, to blather on to the effect that the American people actually want higher taxes and bigger government is for him to show his utter obliviousness about public opinion and about wise management of the public fisc.

I had long been a fan of Colin Powell even while disagreeing with him on social issues. And I have publicly credited him even after the Plame case for something few others have recognized him for, namely his superb diplomacy that brought Pakistan in (originally) as a real ally during the major part of the war in Afghanistan even while not losing at all the U.S.’s growing alliance with India (Pakistan’s frequent enemy). So I am willing to acknowledge his contibutions to this nation. But his actions during the Plame imbroglio were those of a cretin. And he has offered nothing positive since then, only criticisms of the sort given by a man settling personal scores. For those reasons, he should stop pushing his mug into public settings. Instead, he should find a nice shady rock, with plenty of crawl space, to use as shelter.

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