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DNC Organizing to Destroy U.S. Healthcare

Organizing for America, a propaganda arm of the Democratic National Committee, is lying to Americans about leftists’ proposed so-called reforms of the healthcare system.

As the Politico reports, a new fundraising email from the group (full email here) claims TV ads from Conservatives for Patients’ Rights are distorting President Obama’s Big Government healthcare proposals:

We knew healthcare reform would face fierce opposition — and it’s begun. As we speak, the same people behind the notorious “swiftboat” ads of 2004 are already pumping millions of dollars into deceptive television ads. Their plan is simple: torpedo healthcare reform before it sees the light of day by scaring the public and distorting the President’s approach.

We need the resources to take them head on with an urgent, grassroots campaign to pass real healthcare reform in 2009.

When the swiftboaters flood the airwaves with distortions, we’ll flood the streets with volunteers armed with facts. When they send lobbyists to tell Congress to back down, we’ll send millions of calls, letters, and stories from real Americans asking them to stand up.

That ObamaCare, like HillaryCare before it, would destroy the nation’s healthcare system, is beyond dispute. It would turn hospitals and doctors’ offices into the DMV. Patients would receive treatment –even in life-and-death cases– at the whim of bureaucrats, and would be forced to line up to get it.

This is not hyperbole. To make matters worse, Canada is being bankrupted by its universal healthcare scheme and Canadians, including politicians who routinely mouth platitudes in support of the government-run system (e.g. billionaire MP Belinda Stronach, former Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa), routinely flee to the U.S. to receive treatment they can’t get in their own country.

Quebec, incidentally, doesn’t even have an air ambulance system to bring patients to emergency rooms, a fact that may have cost British actress Natasha Richardson her life. (Wild animals take priority over people in Quebec. The provincial government does use helicopters to air-drop rabies vaccine to skunks).

Conservatives for Patients’ Rights is trying to save Americans from this socialist healthcare Hell by sharing the real-life horror stories of physicians and patients in Britain and Canada.

How is this a distortion?

On the contrary: it’s deadly accurate.

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