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Crazy Talk (With A New Jersey Accent)

New Jersey is a confusing state. You think it’s all about malls and hair spray, but then you realize they have a really nice shore, which means, geographically speaking, it’s a state suffering from bipolar disorder. In fact, this is true of everyone I’ve ever met from New Jersey: Either really great, or really awful.

So when Lonegan’s campaign (rightly) noticed that the visuals of this Christie ad exploited the look of a blind man, they did the thing that you’re supposed to do, which is seize the moment and call foul. At the least, you show how incompetent the other side is, at worst, you convince the public that Christie’s planting explosives at schools for the deaf. Win win, I say.

Then they retracted it.

Now, you can make a statement and then see if it floats and let it die. But there was a squirrel’s heartbeat between when they released the statement and when they retracted it. So are the Lonegan people buying crazy pills from the Christie campaign?

Actually? I’m willing to bet. This is a confusing thing, so try to bear with me.

Check out this fantastically NUTTY story. The New York Times reports that the Democratic Governor’s Association is about to drop ads attacking both Christie and Lonegan. Christie’s people are trying to push that the Democrats are trying to align themselves with Lonegan more because they’re really afraid of Christie.

Democrats so fear Christie’s advance into the general election that they cannot contain themselves from aligning with movement conservative Steve Lonegan, Christie’s allies charge.

Uh. Okay. So that’s Tweedledee. What’s the Lonegan campaign saying?

Relentlessly on message, Lonegan campaign strategist Rick Shaftan charged the DGA with leaking the story to the New York Times as a way of trying to generate mega press coverage prior to the ads running, which he argues undermines the argument that they truly want to damage Christie.

“If they really wanted to hurt Chris Christie, they would just run the ads, but they want publicity for the ads, which means they fear Steve Lonegan,” Shaftan said. “It’s reverse psychology.”

Yes! That’s it! The hidden code that reveals the meaning of life! AT LAST! Quick, to the Fountain of Youth before the Illuminati and Opus Dei swoop in and destroy it with their black helicopters!

That’s definitely Tweedledum. I don’t even know what that means. Do you know what that means? Is that English?

To everyone, and I mean everyone, in New Jersey: Stop. Saying. Stupid. Things.

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