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Bull in the Tea Party’s China Shop

A.C. Kleinheider warns against letting the compassionate conservatives and other big-government types who’ve run the GOP into the ground hijack the sentiment behind the Tea Parties as a ticket back to power. But he’s not betting anyone will listen:

So be enthusiastic about this “new” Rightist phenomenon if you want to, but if history is any guide, the professional conservatives will use and abuse these grassroots conservatives to get back into power, promptly sellout the principles of the movement, and then convince half of those they sold out that their betrayal is better than the alternative.

Perhaps this time will be different and authentic conservatives will throw off their professional conservative masters and show the country what true Old Right conservatism really is. However, if past is prelude, one should not hold their breath.

We’ll have to wait and see if this is something new or just the same old song and dance.

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