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The Politics of Personal Distraction

Good thing Rush Limbaugh has big shoulders. He’ll need them now that Barack Obama and his Clintonista reunion band have put the full weight of the Unites States government on top of him.

It’s great that maestros of slime like Begala, Carville and Greenberg (What? Did Sidney Blumenthal miss the reunion lunch?) are able to get their young Bartlebys in the press to trumpet in breathless tones their genius for having President Obama and the House and Senate Democrats target Rush as the centerpiece of their “distract America campaign.” But like their “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” campaign back in 1993-1994, “Rush is the Republican Party” will backfire by ultimately re-booting the conservative movement.

It’s really remarkable that the Clintons and Obamas didn’t find themselves as soul mates sooner. After all, they both love the political tactic of ding-dong-ditch at the front door while sneaking through the side window.

Team Obama, made up mostly of the warmed-over leftovers from Team Clinton, is drawing from that old Clinton gambit in the La Affaire Limbaugh. Team Obama is using Rush to distract the American public from what they really want to do: regulatory impositions at the Federal Communications Commission on media ownership, local media diversity and content requirements for station licensing, which will in effect impose a kind of “Fairness Doctrine” without calling it as such.

But here’s the problem: Rush is a smart man, who has understood his role in this whole ridiculous media drama, and is willing to play along, because with 20 million listeners, a host of bloggers and local and syndicated radio hosts who admire and support him, he can more than deal with this amateurish PR offensive. If nothing else, he may actually get some better ratings in places like San Francisco,Vermont and parts of the former Soviet Union, where Obama loyalists are tuning in to find out what the fuss is all about.

One of Rush’s greatest gifts is the ability to never talk down or underestimate his listenership or the American public, something the Obama administration and Liberal radio has done routinely. The listening , thinking public won’t be fooled by these diversionary tactics. There is a reason that there are few, if any commercially viable “progressive” radio programs. And a reason that  “Rush babies” populate this country. This very conversation sharpens the focus on the issues Rush has been talking about, and others (like my husband, Fred), have been fighting for for over 20 years. Friends like Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and others provide the kind of echo chamber the Left would love to control for themselves.

This little “high-school Harry” exercise has revealed that the Obama administration would rather focus on the destruction of one man with the full force of the office of the President of the United States, while Americans’ wealth dissipates in platitudes, earmarks and break-out play groups. Even people who voted for President Obama know instinctively that this is more than unfair; it is dangerous. For once, I agree that this administration supports transparency: it’s crystal clear that these people will do anything to achieve their socialist utopia, the America of our Founding Fathers be damned. This must not happen, and Rush, we are with you.

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